Why Are There So Many UFO Sightings Recently?

I have made an observation about how we are being fed material to affect our emotions and beliefs over the past year and a half simply by noticing what Amazon pushes in front of me on their Amazon Prime video recommendations. It is one thing for their AI to say: “Because you watched this movie four times in a row!!! You will also like this other movie.” But I noticed all the pandemic movies they pushed in front of me in early 2020 and I am now noticing all the UFO movies they are pushing. Let me guess, someone will be hosting an Event 301 on UFO invasion preparedness soon. As you can imagine a UFO “plandemic” could be very effective at imploding the economy especially if the “Aliens” tell us to stop increasing the carbon dioxide levels or skip that step and just tell us they require us to have a one-world government leader they can deal with.

Both Steve Quayle and Greg Hunter are two of my favorite independent news researchers and reporters. I wanted to quote from a recent interview Greg Hunter did of Steve Quayle and simply add one thing that Rick Joyner, who is a history researcher mentioned. I am sorry I don’t have a link for this, but Rick said that historically there has been an uptick in UFO sightings just before the outbreak of major revivals. Rick has spent decades studying history and did extensive research on the Welsh revival of 1904, retrieving many newspaper articles from that time period. I would guess that many of those UFO sighting claims came from that time period. The full Steve Quayle interview is at this link (Big Alien Lies Revealed). The below quote also deals with the impact of what is ahead due to the current plandemic:

Steve explains, “I think this fall and winter are going to turn into a fall and winter of heartbreak previously unimagined.  There will be shortages of everything that you used to be able to get.  I predict the word ‘selection’ will change to ‘availability.’  You won’t have the things you need.  It’s the globalist reset.  The globalist reset is simply this:  They will create the chaos that will destroy the old world and bring in their new world under Lucifer.  This is the Biblical construct of the Beast and the Anti-Christ. . . . The pro-vaccine destroyers will go against the truth tellers in total ruthlessness…”

I hope you will prepare some. Both of their sites have practical advice on topics such as inflation and preparedness: