Who Wins this Pushing Contest?

The cryptic phrase “Build Back Better” actually means someone wants to rebuild the tower of Babel (global government), this time with the help of big tech. So get ready for a Babel-breakup of a similar one-world agenda (Genesis 11). Have we forgotten that the spiritual realm is the greatest cause of upheaval in the world? It’s not the socio-economic forces it’s the unseen spirit realm that drives upheaval.

Many churches have watered down the gospel to such a level that we are preaching about the philosophy of Jesus and forgetting the reality of the spiritual realm. If Jesus was simply a human founder of a philosophy about being kind, helping others, and changing the world by our good works our religion is in vain. It seems we have forgotten that the forces behind the calamities we are facing are spiritual beings that hate us and have their own agenda for this world.

If you already know who wins the below pictured pushing contest then join. God’s pinky finger would be more than enough.
Prayer and waking people up is the core assignment right now.

When the church starts dealing with you like big tech would and you can’t get a decent advertisement for your prayer group the body-of-Christ mandate to foster fellowship is weakened – this of course applies to social media groups as well. Overconcern with controlling our image and maintaining high standards is a bottleneck hindering the great commission and our mandate to foster fellowship and be reformers of our world.

I believe the third wave of COVID will now start to strike the US, I don’t think it will wait for the Fall (Doctor Tenpenny – Third Wave Threat). I believe It will predominately kill people who have been vaccinated. Although this statement is technically a theory, so was the idea a Jewish holocaust was taking place during the middle of WW2. This theory is based on what happened in India, a country that vaccinated a high percentage of its population starting with health care workers. It is also based on comments from the former chief science officer of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, and many other doctors.

As a final note:

I’m not selling anything and how this all turns out is going to depend on what each of you shares such as this blog and the things God is putting on your heart to wake people up and form prayer groups. Currently, I have only about 25 people who read my blog each day. I don’t care about building an online following but I do care about saving our country and preserving freedom in the world. I would be flattered if other bloggers wanted to quote any of my writings. You and I are on the same ship and it’s on fire which means we are all firefighters – the option of ignoring the fire is not a sane one.