What’s Next?

Two News items:

FEC Chair Drops the Hammer: The Results Are ‘Illegitimate’

Most nations keep many secrets from their people. I have heard Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show say that most nations also have a “deep state” – an entrenched secret group that has its own agenda, yep, even China. You really need to check out his website, specifically this broadcast on election issues:  The First Legal Domino Has Fallen

Dave Hodges is an amazing guy, like Mike Adams of Natural News he is quite intelligent and has a lot of contacts that send him information, which is pretty important living in a We-Keep-Secrets world that every government lives in.

Finding out that the government has been secretly doing things for a long time that we should have been notified of is a huge problem to a “free and open society” -as JFK said. For years we had to talk about the “conspiracy theory” of chemtrails being sprayed by aircraft in our skies until, as I mentioned recently, we were simply told what a wonderful thing this is by John Brennan … ¬†at a Council on Foreign Relations event. I would say in our current situation it should be apparent that the Dem’s and the deep state knew they were likely to get caught. Here would be my letter to the President:

Dear President Trump, would you please invite, from bottom-up, anyone who would like to turn themselves in with a certified recording of their confession in this plot – they will be dealt with fairly and with more mercy and grace now than later. Also, please include an amnesty offer for people who have falsified COVID data. We are hoping this could happen before they launch the next “EVENT” which might be something unthinkable to most people – Event 201 was bad enough (see Plandemic II).

Here is an amplified version of the last paragraph:
Did they think their thug tactics hauling in boxes of fabricated ballots and their web-based programmable election manipulation software would not be discovered? It was more a hope than a plan. Most of the time these things are just begging to be discovered. I think the plan is bigger than what we have seen so far. Based on their experience with pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, and creating government mandates, what is next on their response ladder for the people of the USA? I think they have a plan that can be escalated to prevent the unthinkable disclosure of their satanic pedophile network and agenda. This is the scary part – what are they willing to do now to prevent getting caught for much more than election fraud.