We Need A Great Reset – Spiritually

I recently listened to Lana Vawser on a YouTube interview where she talked about God speaking to her about a Divine Reset where God promises to breakthrough for us and where the “hunted become the hunters.” I began to laugh and thoroughly enjoy God’s amazing choice of words and beautiful sense of humor. You can’t miss the connection to the wording “The Great Reset,” that global leaders are wooing over these days that is code-speak for a worldwide financial collapse and introduction to global communism. It is good to be reassured that God is fully aware of all these things and has essentially declared: ‘so you want a great reset do you, I can help with that.’ Yet we down here bear with the gap between heaven and earth in real-time. But consider perhaps how God likes to operate on earth through the story of the resurrection of Jesus.

It has occurred to me that God is dealing with us today as He did 2000 years ago. After his crucifixion, his disciples were bewildered. It appeared to them that the many wonderful promises Jesus made them were lost. So too today many are struggling with the loss of a president we trusted and the delay of God’s spoken promises through His prophets about a Third Great Awakening. Don’t rob God of the opportunity for Him to watch you waiting on Him in faith when it looks like everything has been lost. This is an opportunity to experience what the disciples did for three days then again after Jesus ascended to wait and pray in the upper room waiting for the Holy Spirit.

To me taking up our cross daily and following Jesus represents bearing with people on this earth, just as Jesus carried the cross with people in mind. We bear with our family members over their quirks and the way our quirks require them to bear with us and how those things direct our imperfect conversations. We bear with people in our church over their preferences for ways of doing things and their attachment to things they believe with their mind – knowledge they are very devoted to. Finally, we bear with the world over many more things we disagree with so that they retain the opportunity to receive mercy from God.

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Worthy – Jesus Image Worship, John Wilds

God knows the things that we have not paid attention to from His word that have slowly led us to where we are today, but He is gracious and merciful to bring us back from the edge of destruction. God knows how to prepare our hearts and the hearts of the lost for what He wants to do in this divine reset.