We Must Study the Issues of Our Day

In order to minister to our nation and lay out the truth plainly before all people, we must be able to see things that have a deceptive purpose. The fall of mankind was caused by this issue. The more complex life becomes the greater the span we become responsible to study and compare to the light of God’s word. This is how we show ourselves approved to God as his ministers (2 Timothy 2:15). The highest truth is God’s word and it is not a self-help catalog we can choose from to enhance our denominational positions, every truth it contains must be preached.

In order to fulfill the great commission, we will need to disciple people who are influential over nations. To do this effectively we will need to understand the forces that are affecting our leaders. The movie “The Plot Against the President” is about the origins of the Russia collusion hoax and should be prayed over by every intercessor.

We seek out news in order to monitor how our nation is functioning. How is it possible that we have already brushed off the news of this collusion hoax, to move on as though nothing happened? We must never forget how much we owe Congressman Devin Nunez and the abuse he took on for helping to prove that the Russia delusion scandal was a great crime committed against our president and our nation. You would almost now think that this coordinated coup attempt never happened, as it was overwritten by a year of fabricated crises and the stealing of important elections.

The intent of public policies is never easy to see upfront and like politics itself gets pushed using sentimental logic. Digital control mechanisms to push compliance with so-called vaccinations are experimental public policy at best and far darker at worst. Rare is the opportunity to review important foundational reasons from our constitution for carefully forming public policy. Common is the emotional appeal for change.

As an intercessor, I must not forget this coup against our president was created by the intelligence agencies, as stated in the documentary – the very agencies that were chartered to protect our nation. If men of God are not willing to identify injustice or if they are not willing to call out those who call evil good and good evil, they have unwittingly become conspirators with the devil against our nation and are promoting a one-world Antichrist agenda. This is the agenda of the era we live in.

Just as the apostle Paul appealed for godly believers to be capable of arbitrating justice among church members, so we must also recommend godly researchers who keep track of truth in science and news as important for consumption by our church leadership and discussed among church members.  The only logic opposing this would be if we have concluded that our free nation is such a trivial thing it’s not worth our effort – God forbid. The work of Judicial Watch led by Tom Fitton is one such organization and focuses on the area of government. They are now a permanent part of my tithe portfolio. But other organizations that watch out for technology, health care, and entertainment issues are just as important. Such oversight may save our lives.

We have slipped off the foundation of our constitution and are now charting a course that is satanic in nature. We should not modify the centerpiece of God’s creation, man and woman, together representing the image of God. We should not modify them in such a way that perpetuates from generation to generation, what vaccine companies are arrogantly calling a software update.

Judge John Curran 1790:
“The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance;”