Wake Up!

This post uses metaphorical phrases from the popular DC TV series StarGirl (2020) that illustrate how God gives us tailored gifts that fit our lives and joins us to those we will form a tribe with. My references to the TV show are in italics.

It is time we all wake up. As prophetic voices such as Rick Joyner have said, the world will be divided between sheep and goat nations. In this new era, there are those who are intentionally working for Satan to sway our nation into becoming a New America. Those who are unaware of the reality of conspiracies follow along ignorant of what is going on.

It seems to me that people and nations will soon split into those who want to identify with God and those who knowingly identify with Satan. To me this is one aspect of the new era we are in and requires us to receive new capabilities to fight our enemy – see Lana Vawser, “I Hear the Lord Say New Era.” We tend to put all our hope in the people who God has used in the past, but I believe God’s Holy Spirit, is recruiting a new generation of people who have never served before to be the new Justice Society of America. Holy Spirit knows who is hungry for this opportunity and how to raise up those who will fight the conspiracy of injustice that promotes the New World Order. Why does God allow old heroes to fade and new heroes to arise? One reason is that the human reputation of God’s heroes eventually hinders people from seeing God himself. So God calls forth new heroes who have to be trained from the ground floor up without any prior track record that would impress man.

The vaccine agenda is at the center of the Injustice Society’s hidden agenda. It is hidden to us right now but soon we will see what it is all about. Unfortunately, some pastors encourage their congregation to stay within the realm of what can be verified from the mainstream media. That is very unfortunate and puts us way behind where we need to be. Normal conventional human thinking is not the resource we need to rely on – that is why many of our established churches don’t seem to have a plan forward. God will have to accelerate our minds and transform us into new people to be able to minister in the days ahead. I feel we will need God to do more thinking on our behalf during the remainder of this year as things start moving very fast.

Understanding past conspiracies are essential to understanding what is going on this year with the pushing of vaccines. You have to see how the mainstream media is part of the Injustice Society of America:

Solomon Brothers’ Building WTC #7

Here is a video from one of my favorite Spirit-filled musicians explaining something I think can wake people up to the reality of well-planned conspiracies. I see it as another example of how the devil seems to be required to hide his evil deeds in plain sight.

Roy Fields