Vaccines as “Tiny Machines”

The 4400 TV series has an episode in season 4 called “Tiny Machines.” Except for the cute scene that I mentioned in yesterday’s post about Kevin and Tess, This is not an easy episode to watch as it portrays someone taken over by an evil entity. In the movie, these people are called the marked which is developed in its own episode. I see this as metaphorical for the mark of the beast. All the people who are marked work together in a global conspiracy to destroy mankind.

In real life, there has been a long and bizarre string of untimely deaths and murders over the last 20 years of doctors and scientists. It seems to me that many of these doctors and scientists could have been some threat to the road map the medical establishment is leading us along by pushing a trust in vaccines. The final vaccine, I believe, will be the mark of the beast. I believe the current mRNA vaccine being developed for COVID is the base model for that final vaccine.

The “Tiny Machine” episode brings out the idea that nanotechnology is inserted into people and then propagates inside them and takes control of them. It’s about people being slowly taken over by nanotechnology to control and compel them to do the bidding of their evil masters. The episode shows how confused people get when they’re controlled by something else that conflicts with their own mind. One of the important lines in the movie as they’re getting ready to inject Jordan Collier with this nanotechnology, he’s told: “you’re going to go to sleep and when you wake up they’ll be something inside you and in time you will come to think the same as we do.” Yesterday’s posts included the lectures by former CIA employees or contractors on the subject of vaccines and Psycho-Neurobiology.

Messenger RNA Vaccines are essentially tiny production lines or machines. Here is a nice primer for this subject of mRNA. I found various news releases on the development of nanomachines including “tiny machines” in the search. Johns Hopkins has designed tiny, microdevices that can latch onto intestinal mucosa and release drugs into the body. It just so happens that the intestines are where many emotional memories are stored. Could this technology be used in nefarious ways? Yes, I’m sure. Because of Johns Hopkins’s involvement with Event 201, I feel that caution is certainly in order. Bioengineering is going beyond the bounds where man has the wisdom and experience to tread. Here are some news releases:

Researchers engineer tiny machines that deliver medicine efficiently


Nanomachines include structures of complex proteins and nucleic acids that are powered with chemical energy and can perform directed movements. The principle is known from nature: Bacteria, for example, propel themselves forward using a flagellum.

Here is an interesting video of a naturally occurring “Tiny Machine” that will help you visualize this subject.

Scientists that believe in the creation account of the Bible reference such biological systems as evidence of design that could not have come about by time and chance.

My opinion is that the title and gist of the episode “Tiny Machines” is a prophetic hint about this cryptic thing mentioned in the Bible called the mark of the beast. Remember it is nothing for God to give a movie scriptwriter a little nudge.

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