Urgent Prayer Needed for an End to Mask Mandates and to Stop Vaccine Passports

Because we live in a governmental culture of accepted lying, as so vividly documented by the Russia collusion hoax, I have to believe that the COVID engineered flu has already run its course and that the small remaining statistics of COVID deaths are mostly background noise coming from a system that double reports the cause of death to continue promoting the mRNA injections.

See COVID graphs at https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/coronavirus-deaths-united-states-each-day-2020-n1177936

I would further think it likely that any future third wave of COVID may relate mostly to the predictions of immune system problems we have been warned about by scientist Michael Yeadon, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, and many others. Various government agencies seem to be waging a war on our nation. Today’s announcement by President Biden indicates he would like mask-wearing to mainly be thought of as a punishment for those who have not been vaccinated despite the COVID death rate being lower than before masks were ever required. Many doctors have declared that masks give no value to slowing the spread of the virus and may harm people by cutting down oxygen levels, but the prolonged psychological effect that masks have is real. Consider this quote from a National Institute of Health public medical document, which is a surprise they would publish this:

“…theoretical evidence suggests that there may be consequential psychological impacts of mask wearing on the basic psychological needs of competence, autonomy, and relatedness. These psychological impacts may contribute to the controversy associated with wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.”

We have experienced top-down directives to wear masks in the absence of detailed scientific analysis of the mechanism by which flimsy fitting masks protect people from something microscopic. Demanding a policy that causes psychological damage would take some strong justification published on paper to justify. But instead, we simply have a top-down directive another three-letter agency has recommended, which Left-wing leaders are all too eager to enforce. Many things our leaders are pushing do not make sense unless you know their real agenda. The real agenda of course is secret, all we know is that they hate God and people who love their country.

The history of forced mask-wearing to punish people began with a device called a “Scolds Bridle” – a legal remedy to unwanted speech. The below link cites historic detail that King James VI of Scotland legalized this device influenced by his fear of witches – i.e., spoken curses. Note how fear was the impulse that promoted this decision, as it is today.

The bridled woman was really an outspoken woman and it took a brave one to incur the punishment for being so. This made the bridle a very effective means of social control. Her fate was to be dragged through the streets in the bridle as it shook about on her head; often with her jaw broken, spitting out teeth, blood and vomit and receiving all forms of abuse.

What is going on in our nation has been well planned using psychology as a tool. Do we listen to trusted leaders like Rand Paul and all the trustworthy medical doctors saying that masks are at best theatrics, or do we continue to respect a person like Anthony Fauci? Dr. Fauci and the CDC have been given the ability to adjust the settings on the black box of public policy as needed to guide public opinion so that people will get the mRNA injections. I remind you of the testimony we were given on him early in this crisis – see Plandemic video, Pandemic 2 video, and the Jeremiah Johnson’s Rat Dream).

Are you unwittingly supporting a hidden agenda to radically transform America? Crises are the mechanism for producing radical change and are cherished by the Left to lead people toward a hidden agenda. Our neighbors will only investigate these things for themselves when they see our willingness to resist crazy orders that harm our children and our nation. The small fellowship prayer group is the answer to churches being too divided or under too much financial pressure to handle subjects like this. We must talk openly and pray openly about these issues without experiencing conflict with a larger group of church members who see them differently.

At the bottom of the Plandemic website, a public health roundtable video convened by Governor Desantis of Florida gives some especially important background to mistakes we have made with the pandemic. Also, If you were trying to decide on one person to hang your anti-mRNA convictions on, I think it would be Dr. Michael Yeadon who spent 32 years as one of Pfizer’s top science researchers. He has warned us of bad things that could happen to people who take the mRNA jab and has said: “There is “no possibility” current variants of COVID-19 will escape immunity. It is “just a lie.” Doctor Yeadon believes there is a “political” conspiracy at work. Who are you going to trust?

Lastly, for the sheer joy of witnessing a true daughter of God stand up and speak the truth, I give you Leigh Dundas: Today she represents everyone we intercessors are pouring out our prayers of blessing and protection for: