Two Ways I Spend Time in the Word

For many years I have enjoyed using a leather-bound Bible in my time alone with God, where I read until I feel full and then put my sticky note pad where I left off, however, there are two other ways I now enjoy reading God’s word.

First, I have enjoyed the Passion Bible and have been reading it online at What is nice about that is I can copy and paste specific verses from passages that spoke to me into my OneNote journal and add personal comments. Here is an example:

Psalm 123 
O God-Enthroned in heaven, I lift my eyes toward you in worship.
The way I love you is like the way a servant wants to please his master, the way a maid waits for the orders of her mistress. We look to you, our God, with passionate longing to please you and discover more of your mercy and grace. 3–4 For we’ve had more than our fill of this scoffing and scorn – this mistreatment by the wealthy elite. Lord, show us your mercy! Lord, show us your grace!

Pasted from <>

My personal comment to myself:  
In view of my extremely flawed life, I was willing to be your slave, but you made me a son instead.

To mark my spot for my next session I put a hyperlink at the top of my journal, which marks where I want to open the website the next time I read from it. This is just a standard feature of OneNote, when you paste anything off the web it inserts a hyperlink to that web page, so I simply search my next passage and paste the reference to my journal.

A second way to enjoy God’s word.

Recently I have also enjoyed listening to scripture as I walk. I have been listening to a dramatized New King James Version that was professionally done by about 600 voice actors and includes background music and sounds.

I use a free App called Bits Mp3 Player available on Google Play Store with my Android phone to listen to it. I like the fact that my Bits Mp3 Player holds the spot where I left off even after turning my phone off and on. Of course, an iPod will do that also. I use either a gaming headset or a Worktunes headset to listen to the audio files as they put me even more in a mode of being one on one with God. My gaming headset also gives me the ability to hear my own voice amplified into my headset when worshiping along with AIR1.com1.

I downloaded the audio Bible I mentioned from for $39.99 and I totally love it. It is fun to get to know many of the voices, such as Peter, by the sound of their voice and Michael York is amazing as one of the main narrators.

  1. My headset is an old Turtle Beach Ear Force X11, which you can still get for under $15 on EBay. It allows you to sing softly and still hear your own voice. Hearing your own voice while you are worshipping is more important than you realize. If you can’t hear your own voice as sometimes happens in a very loud public performance situation it decreases your ability to worship. You literally cannot hear yourself worship over the up front voices and instruments.