Alex Jones, his news associates, and Joseph Mercola are among many truth-tellers that are critical to our nation’s future. It is very important to lift these people up before God day and night. I have been asking God to send his angles that are the most upset about what is going on to be their bodyguards. Take a fresh look at both of their sites. Let the realization of what they are trying to wake us up to sink in and bring you to tears and sobs in your prayers before God. I recently gave part of my tithe money to America’s Front Line Doctors and have done the same for Infowars in the past. These truth-telling organizations are essentially part of the body of Christ and deserve our support. Don’t follow old religious rules of thumb that dictate what constitutes a valid part of your 10 percent giving mandate by God, let your conscience be your guide.



Dr. Mercola interviews Judy Mikovits – very in-depth

Dr. Mikovits explains at the 13-minute mark that people with other inflammatory diseases are most at risk of dying from the experimental gene therapy (deceptively being called a COVID vaccine).

Finally, a CNA nursing home whistleblower says seniors Are dying like flies after COVID Injections! James calls upon other CNAs, nurses, and family members to speak up and go public to tell the world what is going on with these experimental gene therapy injections. You don’t need to watch the whole video to see the heart of this truth-teller.