I so appreciate Steve Quayle of Everything I am commenting on today was identified for me from his website. I have been blessed to have been introduced to many amazing independent news hosts. I owe Steve and the entire clan of independent news hosts so much for opening my eyes. I had to follow him “down the rabbit hole” to look at many of these issues. I have placed a footnote below identifying a video series that is free for Amazon prime members through the end of December. It is also a trip down the rabbit hole. It mentions the link between pedophilia and occult groups in episode 1, among other things.

Here is my focus today in this link Turning Humans into Remote Controlled Zombies With Vaccines for the two important videos they link.

Dr. Charles Morgan in his introduction to a lecture at West Point on the subject of Psycho-Neurobiology states that he worked for the CIA for a number of years –  remember that fact and correlate that with my post “The 1930s vs Today” where I have a link to a video of someone briefing the CIA on how a vaccine can alter religious consciousness. It is very disturbing that the CIA is considering this type of information. Dr. Morgan’s full lecture is here, however first consider an especially dangerous snip of what he said focused in the below Twitter post where he discusses how to activate information in another person’s brain. He says: “The new way to hide information is in DNA.”

We live in a new era of Man seeking to permanently alienate mankind from God by physically altering their DNA. If you don’t draw a firm line now on this subject, you and your decedents are doomed.

Footnote 1. Professor Richard B. Spence in his lecture series through The Great Courses called: “The Real History of Secret Societies” is also the author of “Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British intelligence and the occult.” In season 1, episode 17, Spencer describes the similarities of intelligence services to secret societies and retells the words of one British Intelligence agent confiding he was trained that he must not be afraid of forgery or murder. Personally, I don’t want to live down in the rabbit hole, but it was important for me to take a look. There are times in any war when you have to do unpleasant things if you want to preserve your freedoms and the future of your family. I have told my son who is 21 to keep an eye out on this issue of transhumanism because it will remain a lethal topic.