Those With an Evil Heart Want to Run Things Right Now

We are telling people the good news of Jesus’ coming kingdom because the kingdoms of this earth right now are so awful there isn’t much hope left. Thankfully, the rubbish we are being fed that a global economic collapse is needed to bring about a one-world communist government that will straighten things out does not have to be swallowed. We are letting you know in no uncertain terms that Jesus himself, the one who was crucified on the cross 2000 years ago and rose from the dead will come back in person to rule over the entire world. He alone has the wisdom and love for humanity to make everything right. We are His followers and constituents, so to speak, and until He gets here we represent Him on the earth.

We got to the place where we are today because we ignored good people who are telling us the truth and we listened to bad people who passed on fabricated lies. The good people included many types of people in many professions. It included politicians like Congressman Devin Nunez and Senator Rand Paul. It has included Dr. Alan Keyes for many decades now. It included independent media people (see and people developing organic and Non-GMO food products. It included doctors like Dr. Simone Gold and Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, it included lawyers like Robert F Kennedy Jr., Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood. It included scientists like Judy Mikovits and the thousands who have signed the Great Barrington Declaration. Finally, we have actors like Jim Caviezel teaming up with nonprofit organizations like Operation Underground Railroad that are fighting the most powerful evil entities on the planet. Here is a must-watch interview regarding the Sound of Freedom movie for which a movie trailer is available:

The Independent Media has been faithful to present us dialogues about real issues, but unfortunately, people favor personalities that seem likable over substance. Those personalities were lying to us because they represented the agenda of the organizations they served. So now we’re a little farther down the road toward their ultimate goal. Defeating this satanic pedophile ring of globalists that want to seduce you into a one-world government run by blackmailed sex offenders must be done. At this late point, we will need help from God’s creative mind to enable us to survive what they are willing to do to us to keep from being exposed and we will have to do more with less for a period of time to develop these ideas. We are now facing certain food shortages so we might want to have a backup plan to cook food that is more available in our local area. Christian Westbrook at the Ice Age Farmer has labored to keep us informed on this issue. Also, consider this report:

“Despite all of our advanced technology, farmers can’t grow crops if it doesn’t rain, and a farmer in Texas named Blake Fennell says that his farm has not had any significant rain in almost two years… ‘We’ve still got to give that crop every chance we think we can get, but at the same time, we also can’t waste a lot of money on a crop that we don’t think we’re going to have going into it,’ he says.”

Two weed-like plants that grow along the roads and creeks in our area are mustard greens and stinging nettle. I have cooked both and they are a bit strong for my taste, however, we are going to have to learn how to make this type of food taste good (by the way, mustard greens are packed with vitamins). We have always had more than enough because independent people were making good food and products for us. But for the short term that equation has been changed.

People have to see the result of their actions before they will change. We have allowed many things to come about because we didn’t want to see the result of our actions, we just wanted to enjoy ourselves. Unless we can get past lukewarm attitudes of “live and let live,” we are doomed. People want to be “cool” and popular, thank God that’s not the way Jesus thought. Stay tuned for 30 April and I will start a series of posts that will have some practical ideas to help you survive the remainder of this year. But the greatest survival tool will be knowing Jesus and hearing His voice in your spirit.