The War of Words

200 years ago many powerful people were the ones that could write laws but today the ones who write marketing material have become just as powerful. It is through the forces of “marketing” that the new world order is being promoted by loyal followers of Satan, most of whom don’t even know they have been drafted into the long war against God. If this introductory statement does not make sense to you study this video over the course of a week.

Modern warfare began with Hitler implementing propaganda machinery into government and today that has continued with the medical establishment, government agencies, and other think tank organizations speaking through the mainstream media. The tipping point with propaganda in Nazi Germany was reached after a Jewish teenager in Paris assassinated a  German diplomat and “The Night of Broken Glass” was then launched.

Today we face many false flag events that have been carefully planned. At a minimum, Satan’s political elite carefully watch the news looking for anything they can use to support their end purpose. We fervently pray for God’s intervention because we have watched this process of propaganda and the public sentiment it generates lead the United States downward in recent decades.

There are so many details we don’t know about the COVID “vaccines,” but based on how ineffective they are, how risky getting these injections are, and how badly they still want everyone to get them, there is still something they can only accomplish through an actual injection of the mRNA vaccine. I don’t think a secondary airborne transmission of the spike protein from vaccinated people is the end of us all – that’s just my opinion, however, I believe my wife and I both caught it and got over it without any major problems except daily small nose bleeds for about four weeks.

The late prophet John Paul Jackson said there would be two so-called pandemics. One would be based mainly on fear – that seems to be the one that we are going through right now and another would be an actual pandemic situation (see this link), however, although God will help us, people will also die. Dave Hodges has written many articles on the threat of Ebola that you can search out on his website The Common Sense Show. Here is one you may consider. A little of your own research will give you some facts about Ebola you can use to develop a defense, however, you might want to discount mainstream statements that it can’t typically be transmitted by air. Dave Hodges stated  – “By my count, there are over 50 peer- reviewed studies which demonstrate that Ebola can be transmitted through various airborne means.”  I believe the awareness of the threat of Ebola should be reviewed. Interestingly, President Biden’s pick for Chief of Staff is Ron Klain, who was the Ebola response coordinator under Obama.