The Unraveling Begins

Apostle Tim Sheets – The Unraveling Begins.  Tim Sheets shares about the opportunity we have for declarative prayers right now confirmed to him by miraculous signs God gave his prayer team. Sometimes we need to declare metaphorical references to things we don’t understand with our rational mind because it refers to something revealed by someone who has an apostolic or prophet gift. (See my part 2 to this post for examples of scripture prayers you can come up with to deal with a situation such as we are in).

Steve Quayle has listed some important news links, on the election involving Facebook and the Supreme court available on his website: However, I am linking three medical articles he identified below because I see them as the more critical issue – medical tyranny. This issue centers on the mRNA vaccine and must not get overlooked in light of the election fraud debacle taking place. I believe this debacle may be by design, timed right as Operation Warp Speed is finishing up. I believe Satan has no problem with sacrificing a large number of his faithful political operatives for treason if he can ram through the vaccine from Hell while everyone is looking a different direction. If Mike Adam’s theory is correct, and I believe it is, the pinnacle of the overall plan is getting our military vaccinated first so that China can invade a year plus from now when our ranks are decimated by the side effects of this vaccine – listen to RFK Jr below. It is time to stop medical tyranny!

Body of Christ wake up! – Frodo throwing the ring of power into the fires of Mount Doom is more important than 10,000 Orcs right in front of you. >>> The vaccine needs to be thrown back into the fires of Hell where it came from… Dear God help us.

Urgent message from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Avoid the Corona vaccine at all costs

When we read a story like this next one we might think it doesn’t really affect us. It’s just one person and they live in another state. But we couldn’t be more wrong about that conclusion. If we don’t fight against injustices that affect one person while they only affect one person, we will be faced with an onslaught of tyranny that seeks to control us and institute evil agendas like population control via vaccine, because it can be made to sound so good and scientific upfront and the people who oppose it can be made to look like conspiracy buffoons, who don’t understand science. That is the power of the mainstream media and the tech giants.

The Oregon Medical Board has indefinitely revoked a doctor’s license after finding that he and his staff refused to wear face coverings during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and encouraged patients visiting his clinic to remove theirs, concluding he is “a serious danger” to public health.