The Realm of Truth Suffers Violence

There is a very peculiar verse in the Bible that says:

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force” (Matthew 11:12, NKJV).

I’m sure this verse applies to many in our day, as it did John the Baptist, but I want to show you how it is applicable to a very specific sector: the Independent Media. As a group they are God fearing Christians who actively seek to break deception in the news media sphere, that is now dominated by the main stream media. They are a type of John the Baptist, heralding an important message to wake up a generation. Their message is opposed by policies called “community standards” that allow tech giants to control the news narrative as well as policies of the health care establishment and educational establishments.

Since the kingdom of darkness reigns mainly through deception people who are truth-tellers and who bring testimonies to light find themselves in “violent” verbal battles. Exposing the works of darkness that supposedly upright and impressive people are working toward is a “violent” profession.

I believe we owe the independent media far more than we realize. Yet they are ignored by most main stream Christians. The independent media is the tip of the spear bringing the kingdom of heaven more fully upon the earth by functioning as a deception-buster. I am also seeing the Calvary Chapel denomination rising up in this area – thank God. I have never attended a Calvary Chapel, but they are very much in my prayers right now.

If you look at the field the independent media operates on, you see the “violent” side of this business, because they are opposed so ferociously by worldly systems. The mainstream media constantly works to blind people by hiding truth and speaking half truths. The time has come for Christians to pick a particular truth teller that they enjoy and to support them on a monthly basis.

Consider the chorus of Hillsong’s “Best Friends”:

All of my best friends
Are sick of pretending
We want the truth
So much is missing
So give us the real thing
I know it’s You
[… it’s Jesus we long for]

Pray for a deep hunger for truth, especially for our Millennial’s and generation Z.

Finally take your place in this battle.