The Mysterious Georgia Guidestones


It was constructed in 1980 and contains 10 guidelines for the New Age. The fact that it is ten in number makes it a counter inference to the 10 commandments. Altiyan Childs explains many interesting details that tie this stone monument to the Freemasons and thus Satanism.

So many times the agenda and communication of the Satanists are hidden in plain sight, such as this first commanding guideline.

#1. Maintain the world population below 500 million.

Go to Altiyan Childs’ video at the 3:38:00 point. He is essentially talking about the Great Reset that is being preached right now by the followers of the New World Order and their secret societies. He has previously identified that Charles Darwin was a Freemason and explains how their religious beliefs tell them that death and mass murder are considered good.

Why would you listen to someone who created a vaccine to inject into your body that believed these things and was sworn to secrecy? Since their society is secret how would you know who was in it? JFK said there should be no place for secret societies in our nation. I think you can see why now.