The Matrix (1999)

Dr. Madej’s video message linked here is extremely important:


Dr. Madej recommends watching The Matrix. It is a very prophetic movie about seeing things the way they really are. Early on, Morpheus declares to Neo a question: “I don’t know if you are ready for what I want to show you?” Neo does respond to this voice of truth and makes the choice to take the Red pill and become spiritually awake. He becomes part of a team of freedom fighters seeking to overcome the forces of the unreal world designed by programmers in the same sense that events in our world are designed by elite “programmers” like Bill Gates, the WHO, and the WEF. Neo is now part of Zion, representing the body of Christ, however, not everyone in that body believes in the prophetic gifting, which God has given to help us tactically and strategically. Morpheus is an apostolic warrior. The “agents” are evil spirits, which constantly oppose the freedom fighters (believers). As in the movie, we can be oppressed and affected by demons. Leo learns to use his gifting and receives prophetic ministry from The Oracle. Leo represents one of the Sons of God, given powerful demonstration gifts that will play an important role in overcoming the enemy. If you have never received prophetic ministry, you should consider this. In my local area, we have The Healing Rooms of Santa Maria Valley. Consider their online ministry.

In both the first and second movies someone becomes a Judas. The body of Christ can be likewise infiltrated by false teachers, false prophets, and false brethren – this is an issue to watch carefully. Cypher becomes offended at the conditions of his service and having to follow the lead of Morpheus, even as, Matthew 24:10 NKJV tells us many will be offended and betray one another. Their evil mission then, like Judas, is to betray. In our faith, God does not force people to believe. So many people pick and choose what they believe about the Christian faith. In reference to those who do not believe in prophecies, Morpheus says “my beliefs do not require them to …” Watch these movies then watch the fake news and feel the correlation in your spirit to the un-real world of the matrix. Remember that the metaphor of flying could translate to an amazing gift of singing, writing, leading, etc. Morpheus’s speech in Zion in the “Reloaded” movie is about shedding their fear of what is ahead. “We must first shed our fear of it,” Morpheus tells them that he is not afraid because he remembers how he got there and he focuses on the fact that they are all still alive (think COVID fear-mongering).

We have to have mental hooks to put knowledge on or it is hard to learn and even remember things. It has been said, “some things can’t be taught they must be lived.” Living life on fallen planet Earth is where the mental hooks come from. God has invested much patience and forbearance with each one of us to get us to the place where we are ready for what He wants to show us. This world has been a battleground of deception since Eve talked with the serpent in the garden. Keith Green identifies part of the problem in his song “No One Believes in Me Anymore.”

God wants to break us out of the grip of deception. Two important metaphor’s in the Bible about us as people, liken us to children and sheep. Each metaphor captures something important that we need to know about ourselves. On the positive side, these names reveal the precious tender nature of trusting God. But there are also vulnerabilities. Think about the essence of a child – they have to be protected from evil until they have grown to maturity and sheep require a shepherd that is aware of dangers around them.

In Matthew 13 Jesus taught how a godly nation can drift from God and become secularized and hardened. In verse 14 Jesus says the issue is when we look and pretend to see, but the eyes of our hearts are closed spiritually. This makes it easy for evil to creep into everything we do through business, government, education, and other centers of power including the media.

Matthew 13:14  (TPT)

It is important that we invite God’s Spirit to give us wisdom daily to understand the news and ever-growing deceptions, such as vaccines and the agenda of the World Economic Forum.

We will always be vulnerable to deception, according to Matthew 24:4-5. The most important indicator of an evil political movement is either a false religious foundation or an atheistic foundation. Those who have studied communist agitator tactics have told us that one important tactic they employ is to bombard people with false claims given by as many different people as possible. The sheer quantity of sources gives the claim greater believe-ability. We as a nation can deal with crime, riots, and destruction of property, but how can we deal with coordinated deception and lies. This is the role tech giants and the mainstream media are playing right now and it is my greatest prayer for God’s help.

The 2015 movie “Experimenter,” was based on a real-life study that showed how few people actually take action to stop evil from being perpetrated on another human being. We owe the truth-tellers in the independent media a great debt – they have been the 3% that take action. Never was so much owed by so many to so few – as Winston Churchill said it. Listen to some or all of this until you get something to pray over:

Sheila Zilinsky hosts a Fast Paced Unpacking of what’s happening

Radical movements in every age have used propaganda and emotional speeches to motivate people to devote themselves to a movement – CNN does this non-stop. The word of God is the only thing you can lay ahold of that can anchor your life into the truth that God, the only one we can fully trust, affirms in your heart. His written word, the Bible, outranks all other words, including prophetic words.