The Kingdom of Fear and Hate vs the Kingdom of Love and Light – Strategies for the Battles Ahead

The devil isn’t too concerned that the plot to depopulate the world through vaccines will be discovered. All he cares about is getting his one-world government established. He doesn’t care how much the world burns down when people discover the lie about the COVID vaccines. That too is a part of his plan to bring his forces under the banner of the United Nations into the United States as “peacekeepers” and then supersede the role of the USA in the world. Good doctors like Peter McCullough (link) are perplexed at what is being done through the medical establishment because they don’t know the big picture agenda.

I don’t want to propose my plans for defending your home and family. I would much rather have God’s plans for winning the war against our enemies. The only strategy He has revealed right now is prayer, opening people’s eyes to what is going on, and the plan of revival. So I refuse to go down the path of trying to figure out how to load up with guns and ammo. I don’t want to live according to my own imagination but rather by God’s plans. World war II was won by code-breaking. The best way to break the enemy’s code today is to get into a prayer group that has a prophetic core to it that can give you strategic information that you could not know about otherwise – that core is also available on the internet.

We have all watched documentaries of battles where the good guys had no chance of winning simply because they were matched up against odds that were overwhelming. We must take the words of Jesus in Luke 14:31 to heart and size up every battle situation and estimate if we have what is sufficient to win. And most importantly surrender everything to Jesus. In some situations, we have to save our own people so they can fight another day.

When you see a plan that won’t work, you long to influence it and make it into a plan that will work. But many times we are not given the influence to help shape the plan. That is a tragedy in life. We can’t go back in time and change what happened in chaotic upheavals of the past, but we can accept that we must have a plan to handle riots and fires close to us. Many people literally need a grab-and-go bag and a plan to get their family out of the neighborhood if it is suddenly caught up in riots because flames are likely to follow that may make it impossible to get out.

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