The Greatest Conspiracy Theory Ever Documented

The greatest conspiracy ever written about resulted in one-third of heaven’s population being deceived. They traded the splendor of heaven and the goodness of God for the realm of darkness and a tyrant leader who would continue to lead them further into delusion – not a decision they would have made unless they were deceived. The Bible and history itself are documentation of a long war against God. It includes many case histories of human leaders possessed by the devil who became what the New Testament calls Antichrists. We in 2021 are once again living through a period of time that will one day be treated as a case study for the subject of deception.

The greatest conspiracy theory ever documented: The Fall of Lucifer

The very thing I have become concerned about at the core of my basic personality type is a personality trait called the Chameleon type. What I have experienced in life based on me seeing through the lens of a Chameleon personality type may also be a systemic issue for any created being past, present, or future – we can be influenced by those around us for good or for bad. Even a Chameleon personality type’s style of responding can be influenced by those around them. Chameleons are famous color-changing animals, who react to their surroundings. How do we, who all have some of this trait, ensure we never let go of what is good for all eternity and what effect will the struggle of God’s people on earth have on the host of heaven.

Ephesians 3:10 NKJV

… to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places,

We, the church, it seems will have a profound effect on heaven. They are that great cloud of witnesses that watch us down here. There are unique things happening to humanity recently, including believers, through vaccines, high altitude spraying, and psychological mind control methods that will play a part in this display of the effects of deception and propaganda. Just like when you watch a movie and you know something your favorite character in the movie doesn’t know yet when they are getting ready to make a terrible mistake and you just want to scream at them through the TV set – “NO! Don’t do it!”

I can picture one of the angels warning another angel long ago about the beginning of Lucifer’s rebellion only to be retorted: “That’s just a conspiracy theory, God has put His seal of perfect beauty and wisdom on Lucifer.” None of us can assume that just because God has not revealed the dangers of some issue to us in a personal spoken (Rhema) way that you have nothing to be concerned about. We must study every issue we face and be responsible to help others with these issues also.

2 Timothy 2:15 Amplified Bible

“Study and do your best to present yourself to God approved, a workman [tested by trial] who has no reason to be ashamed, accurately handling and skillfully teaching the word of truth.”