The Dirty Secrets of Politics

I have come to view Steve Quayle ( as one of the fathers of the independent media. His website has inspired my four-plus months of blogging more than any other. Here is one of his repost links:

Justice Knight – BOMBSHELL! Ferocious TX Lawsuit NO ONE SAW COMING

Politics is a very dirty business and election fraud is not a new thing, it has simply been brought to a new epic level that no one can ignore anymore. Roger Stone’s book puts together convincing evidence of a very evil American President who got into politics with voter fraud.

“Lyndon Johnson employed fraud to win the 1948 U.S. Senate race in Texas against popular Governor Coke Stevenson. Johnson told a South Texas crony who controlled some South Texas counties to keep his poll results open in case Johnson needed extra votes to win. When the vote-counting was over, Johnson did need a few more votes to win. He called his crony, a man named George Parr, and Parr ordered a local election judge to produce 200 additional votes for LBJ, which then gave Johnson the win. Many years later, the election judge confirmed that he had done this. The 200 signatures on the voter list were all in the same ink, and the names of the 200 voters were in alphabetical order. If Johnson had lost the election, he never would have become vice-president or president, which truly made him a truly illegitimate president in U.S, history,…”

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