The Devil’s two Biggest Priorities – Vaccines and Abortion

The importance is simple, even if the new RNA vaccine does not forever pull humans into a satanic control mechanism, the track record for all vaccines has been very bad and covered up. Abortion on the other hand keeps the soldiers of Satan fueled up in their lust for the blood of innocent human lives.

If you have never listened to Del Bigtree the author of VAXXED, you should.

I pray that our beloved president Donald Trump becomes aware of the dangers of the RNA vaccine. The medical establishment has been favoring patentable drugs as the only official medicine allowed for decades. They have done their best to crush more natural medicines and non-patentable therapies and cures such as the treatment of blood with light and hydrogen peroxide and now have effectively banned the use of HCQ for COVID.

Dear God,
We cry out that you would deliver us from the tyranny of medical boards that oppress good doctors, the deception of the mainstream media, and the satanic agenda governments are pursuing – especially abortion.
    …We ask in Jesus name

Declare with Lou as he prays and declares these things. You can research Lou’s comment about Operation Mocking Bird by the CIA using’s video search. Cry out for God’s MOAB option that is now even more necessary because of the Attorney General’s troubling refusal statement1 yesterday showing that he has put on “another face” and essentially refuses to investigate the massive voter fraud. The word MOAB is a picture of something huge God does and I believe our prayers accelerate God’s response.

Where does policy come from that proposes to destroy everything so you can “build back better?” The answer is global government. But of course, they can’t come out and tell you they are planning an economic collapse. Here is an important article to help you evaluate the motives behind the WEF and their COVID policy:

While, on the surface, health recommendations and geopolitics may appear to have nothing in common, they are in fact intertwined.  As more and more information about the Great Reset and the 4th Industrial Revolution is starting to surface, we can clearly see that eliminating medical freedom is a central part of the plot, and mandatory vaccination will be used as a tool to usher in biometrical surveillance and enslavement through a centrally-controlled all-digital finance and identification system.

Footnote (1):
U.S. Attorney General William Barr has been one of President Donald Trump’s most aggressive defenders, but this week, Barr essentially acknowledged Joe Biden as president-elect when he told the Associated Press that there is no evidence showing that widespread voter fraud robbed Trump of a victory. And Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs is furious, accusing the Trump loyalist of joining “the deep state.”

Update 2:44 pm, PDT: I Just saw this video by Lou Engle and had to add it as this was right where my heart was when I wrote this post.