The Detailed Plans of God are Hidden

My heart is tuned into what Frank Amedia said a couple of days ago about the election crisis, that we must now rest in God without focusing on what, and if, and how. I continue to pray for the workers of truth, the investigators of truth, and the tellers of truth, but God will do something with this time and this process of waiting for justice. Hold on… Pray… Hold on.

The Hezekiah moment:  2 Kings 19 New King James Version


I have learned from Mario Murillo that God purposely uses delays to accomplish something in the human realm regarding waiting for God’s promise of revival. It is a bit of a mystery, but I think it has to do with our soul, not just coaching us to think differently. It is a humbling process. God gives us an amazing promise but we have to wait for it. I believe God allows his promises to be delayed to test us and “temper” us like steel, so we become tougher through it all.

Here is what metal experts tell us about tempering steel:
“After you harden a metal, …, and introduce internal stresses after the rapid cooling inherent in the process, steel is often both harder than needed and too brittle. The answer may be to temper the steel to reduce that brittleness and remove or relieve the internal stresses.” 

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God’s Beauty is also Hidden

God created beauty, He is the cause of it.
The cause of something is always greater than the effect of what we see.
Therefore God is the most beautiful being in the universe.

Psalm 96:6 (TPT)
Breathtaking brilliance and awe-inspiring majesty
radiate from his shining presence.
His stunning beauty overwhelms all who come before him.

Right now we are living in a brief moment of eternity where we are being invited into the inner circle of those who will get to see God’s beauty. This is an opportunity that must be accepted by faith. Before time began God knew that the people He wanted to share eternity with would have to accept Him through faith. This opportunity could only be legitimate if it was accepted despite trials and human reasoning that seemed to contradict God’s word. Those of us who accept His invitation would have to press through these things by faith.

Not everyone will get to see the beauty of the Lord. Some people will simply refuse to approach him in faith and will never establish a relationship with Him. They will only learn about the reality of God when the opportunity to be invited into His inner courts is passed. Others will profess an initial relationship with Him but will never seek Him daily with all their hearts. I believe those people will also miss seeing the depth of the beauty and awesomeness of God. They will make heaven their home, but they will not be what the Bible calls “the bride of Christ.” They are the ones that received a paper marriage license but never learned to love and walk with God in a daily intimate relationship with Him through His word and prayer.