The Destruction of Liberty

Dana Coverstone’s Sept 8th dream about Lady Liberty reflects things going on right now. The major dream elements are covered below:

  • The major dream element is the Statue of Liberty being torn down, which is a metaphor for our liberties being destroyed. At the beginning of the dream, both men and the forces of nature are working together against liberty. Obviously nature does not partner with people apart from the power of God or the power of evil using man’s technology. The second factor applies to this dream where the forces of nature are part of a man-made attack, including the Coronavirus and wildfires created artificially. Antifa is known for Molotov cocktails, but others have claimed witness to a Directed Energy Weapon.
  • Trying to remove the date off the tablet is an attempt to obliterate history. This is what Antifa/BLM has been seeking to do with statues, but many others are joining this effort. The educational establishment has been doing this for some time.
  • A second important dream element is the torch that is specifically targeted to be cut off. The torch represents light, thus representing truth. Men are trying to cut off the light that liberty allows us to shine (Freedom of Religion). God has been putting the importance of truth on my heart lately. Some of my deepest prayers are for the truth tellers in the independent media and our government.
  • Not too sure on the broken crown elements, perhaps the noble nature that liberty gives our nation is being defaced.
  • Wrapping the face could refer to  gagging our voices through laws, state medical associations, and other organizations that can take away your right to work. These tactics are becoming ways to punish people for what they say and are convicted to do. These tactics are being used even more intensely in Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, than the United States. See video of the Canadian doctor Kulvinder Kaur Gill on Facebook.
  • The dream element of the men picking up the silver given them is pretty clear. People are being paid to destroy liberty. George Soros is the most notorious person funding the radical left “protests” as well as breaking down national borders and supporting radical left politicians.