The Ambition to Direct the Wearing of Masks

Mask COVID Spiral

Many of us are sensing that wearing masks is a form of submission to a new type of task master on a  world wide scale. The Corona virus is certainly not the Spanish flu in severity, and cases are dropping rapidly right now, but it is clear that the efforts of the  World Economic Forum, the World Bank, and the World Health Organization, is to usher in world wide change through COVID-19. The WEF website is ample evidence of that desire. “Change,” was the vague campaign promise of Barack Obama. One of the best news stories showing evidence of this top down effort of world government forces is a story out of Belarus, testified by it’s president, of pressure to lock down a country, to qualify for loans from the World Bank.

I find it hard to play along with wearing a mask as if it is a legitimate safety precaution. Anyone who has ever been fit tested to wear a respirator in an industrial setting knows you get plenty of air that slips around the edges of even a high quality rubber cup nose/mouth piece, let alone a flimsy cloth mask. The Corona virus is equivalent to the size of a gnat compared to chicken wire size holes in a cloth mask. This issue of wearing masks seems to be all about putting us in a type of isolation mode and creating a culture of submission. N-95 masks include a warning on them that they are not capable of blocking viruses.

This site, Medical News Today, is an A – Z index on COVID and has information both for and against wearing masks. Top immunologists and epidemiologists in the world can’t decide if masks are helpful in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Many churches are going bankrupt right now because they have locked their doors. Can church leadership legitimately add their approval to the policies and wishes of governments following global dictates. As believers who accept the testimony of Jesus, given in Revelation, we will always have to remain aware of the government joining an antichrist effort, of which there have been many in history. What specific things could the scripture be referring to that states that “judgment comes first to the house of God.” Developing wisdom, and being shrewd toward the works of the devil is an essential part of what God wants us to develop in this life.  If you can’t spot deception, you don’t have good odds at making it through the end times the Bible foretells will lead many to a great falling away.

Edmonton, Canada has pretty strict policy on wearing masks in public. Here is one prophetic woman’s word for her city of Edmonton, Canada: Beverly Potter

Go back in time to consider the infamous scolds bridle, a mask for humiliating women, making it near impossible to communicate – at a minimum, see the conclusions at the end of this video. COVID masks, to a degree, also give you an incentive to stop communicating and make you feel like you are submitting under force of a bad law.

I believe we are living in a planned attack on our country and the world. Masks hide the faces of the anarchists who hide among protesters. I think someone could piece together from history an interesting study of the psychology of the wearing of masks. We see masks worn in the form of a burka and we have a holiday that promotes the wearing of masks, for starters. Because we have so many doctors telling us that wearing masks does not make rational sense, you have to question if there is an ulterior motive behind this heavily promoted policy. Perhaps it is just a psychological motive that is part of a major campaign.

God the Holy Spirit is all powerful, all knowing, and all present. He is the one who can move and shake the church free of puzzling behavior. He did it during the dark ages, producing the reformation and He will do it again in our day – if we will humble ourselves and pray.

Psalm 119:33  TPT:

Give me revelation about the meaning of your ways so I can enjoy the reward of following them fully.

There is reward given to us by God for following his ways. The more we understand the meaning of God’s ways the more we can fully follow them with our heart instead of simply following a rule of our mind. God’s word talks about man not covering his head while ministering, even in a small group, where we minister to each other. How much more, our faces.