The Agenda

Because the mainstream media and the current political party system works from a clearly defined set of marching orders defined by their elite handlers, but never discussed with the public, many policies seem ridiculous to the average citizen or small business person. Remember that secret societies and cults always use secret knowledge as their standard operating procedure for running their organization and developing recruits. Understanding the basic psychology of “group think” or the power of indoctrination is a threat to them. Hitler actually had psychology books burned, of all things. One thing that will help you understand the mainstream media is to have in mind what God reveals in the Bible about the world’s end times state. Then you simply keep an eye out for those issues in the news.

God has warned us that the devil will want to control who can buy and sell as his primary control mechanism. God has told us He requires us to use wisdom in deciphering the cryptic meaning of the symbol called “the Mark Of The Beast.” It sounds like some kind of tattoo or implant and is symbolically labeled with the number 666. Thus, when we see someone being bullied in a financial way, we must take action. To not take action is to yield to the devil’s end time tactic which he is already developing.

In our day the deep state is using the medical establishment and hefty fines from health departments to beat up people in our fragile economy. Being able to go shopping and purchase something we want is a foundational liberty. For some reason the public is willing to accept a $1,000 fine by a health department against a restaurant trying to stay in business, more than they would a police officer issuing the same ticket.

The Bible warns us about false brethren, false prophets, false apostles and false christs (think false political saviors), so we have no lack of warning to be on our guard for people who pretend to be our kind of liberty-loving-people, but are not. They want to establish control over people, because this is what Satan needs to set up for his very short duration end times kingdom. They are not concerned about your health or well being but are agenda driven, with no regard for justice. This is the mark of the mainstream media and their fake fact checkers. Just as Galatians 2:4 states from The Voice translation – “their agenda was clear: they wanted to enslave us.”

The time has come for us to support our fellow citizens who are seeking to act out of truth and liberty by donating some of our purchasing power to them. This will certainly include supporting the independent media, but it will need to include producers and retailers who have fallen under the eye of this end times spirit. I want to highlight and Mike Lindell author of “What Are the Odds? – from crack addict to CEO”.

Quoted from the Epoch Times:

Mike Lindell, founder and CEO of MyPillow, told NTD on Tuesday that some groups are forcing retailers to delist his products and that Americans “have to stand up” against cancel culture.  Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Wayfair recently notified Lindell that they won’t continue carrying his products. He said the actions came after groups such as Sleeping Giant pushed companies to stop doing business with him. “These are groups that were hired to attack and crush my companies to cancel MyPillow out. And they’re attacking these people, like Bed Bath & Beyond,” Lindell said. “They succumb to the pressure. And you know, that’s their choice. But you know what, this is the time we all have to stand up against this.” Sleeping Giants, a leftist activist group, has ongoing campaigns to pressure companies to drop conservative and right-leaning websites, such as Breitbart News and Fox News. On Twitter, it trumpeted the news that Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s dropped MyPillow, claiming Lindell played a part in motivating the breach of the Capitol by questioning the results of the 2020 election.”

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For more inspiration on overcoming obstacles see Mike Lindell’s book: What Are the Odds?

When it Looks Like The End is Near, double check God’s word and the prophetic words being issued by authentic Christian prophets and apostles. They tell us the Beginning is Almost Here. Do you really think God is going to let the Antichrist steal the reins of power before his allotted time has come?  Nope. There is a prophesied great revival that must come first. Listen to Paul Cain’s last prophetic word as relayed by Rick Taylor titled: A new day is coming – the prophecy starts at the 12 minute mark, but the entire video is beautiful.