Spoiler Alert – Skip this Post if you want to Watch Stargirl 2020 First, but Make it Quick – The Battle is Nigh

My blog has a category called Prophetic Media that contains my observations about something I feel God has slipped into popular Hollywood culture without the author’s awareness. I believe God does this to plant seeds in the hearts of those he will draw to Himself.


To me, Stargirl is about a huge conspiracy that the kingdom of fear and hate is producing resisted only by the kingdom of love and light. Similar to The Avengers movie, the members of the kingdom of love and light must learn to work together. Their interaction is not perfect, but despite some tension, they grow from one another. Stargirl is a picture of Philippians 2:15 – “Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky.” On the other hand, the kingdom of fear and hate live in perpetual discord and are always willing to kill off anyone that does not suit their purposes.

This drama begs to represent what is going on in our country right now and takes place in the fictitious city of Blue Valley, Nebraska which to me represents blue governor states that are involved in a real-world conspiracy. It is revealed that the city of Blue Valley was built by the Freemasons who constructed a network of tunnels underneath it for their covert operations – I almost fell off my chair when I heard that line. The Freemasons who established it call themselves “the other founding fathers” which happens to be an accurate comparison of the two groups who actually founded our nation – God-fearing men who wrote our constitution vs. the Freemasons, typified by our one-dollar bill with its all-seeing eye over the pyramid (Annuit means winking with the eyes, and Coeptis means undertakings. This is explained further by Mr. Childs in his documentary). Secret societies are the core corruption that has been in our nation from the beginning. JFK tried to warn us. The show depicts how Freemasons make friends with their most hated enemies.

The typical nature of the Injustice Society of America (ISA) is that of witchcraft:
One of the things that Iceman’s family line does is to pray evil prayers in their native tongue that only they understand. They pray in their European language where they curse their enemies at the dinner table. This is a picture of old money families such as the Rothchild.

The typical nature of the Justice Society of America (JSA) is to forgive:
The people in the Justice League are typified by their willingness to forgive each other for wrongs they have done and accept the imperfections of their fellow members.

The focus of the plot is on an unknown evil conspiracy the ISA is working on:
The ISA has put together a plan to take control of the minds of all the people who are already poisoned by them in some way by using technology. This sounds too much like the evil COVID vaccine augmented by something (maybe 5G technology)? This conspiracy ultimately purposes to allow them to control people’s minds. “Brainwave,” a villain declares “when we begin our broadcast, the Gambler will trigger a communications blackout across the United States blinding the Pentagon and routing the attack through Moscow. By the time they realize it’s coming from within the US, it will be too late.

Keep in mind that Brainwave’s ability is mind control. His ability gets amplified by a broadcast across a large portion of the United States. They admit there will be a significant cost to this process in loss of life. But in the end, people’s minds will be reprogrammed. Brainwave declares those people will think like them. This modified populous will be willing to fight for them if need be since they doubt the rest of the country will accept their overthrow quietly. Brainwave lays his hand on Icicle’s shoulder and congratulates him. Brainwave says: “after all this time your dreams of a better society and a new America are about to become reality.” There are more prophetic elements in the last two episodes about how the ISA stands with many social and environmental issues as part of its overall image.

I believe the next four months will reveal the rollout of this plan Рsee my most important blog post to date: Dana Coverstone’s Recent Flaming Spear Dream Interpreted (Script or Video version). Altiyan Childs presents many facts that also point to a depopulation event. His original 5-hour video, removed from YouTube for bullying, what a joke, is must-watch training material for mature audience individuals who give a darn Рwatch it on Brighteon. Altiyan tells us that this below quote is a point-blank look at the immediate future, as forecasted by Aleister Crowley in his book:

This is what it takes to create the New World Order:

A new Satanic Age is what the devil wants and has been planning for a long time. Part of it has been declared on The Mysterious Georgia Guidestones.