Seeing the Deception in the Many Details

The whole report is very good, but especially the 31:45 mark to 38:30 mark about the very inaccurate COVID diagnostic test prone to false positives.

Mike Adams as usual is brilliant in his situation report for 5 December 2020 (written and audio formats). He presents an important observation on the risk to our military from being slated for early exposure to a still-experimental vaccine.

Former CBS Healthwatch Reporter Writes Open Letter: Lockdowns Are Based On Fraud

Recently two prophetic ministers I listen to online and respect have stated they believe there is nothing dangerous about the COVID mRNA vaccine. I would urge people with a prophetic gift not to assume, just because God has not warned them about the mRNA vaccine, that it is not an issue. It is possible to over-rely on your gift and ignore what others in the body of Christ are saying that God desires you to listen to.

I believe developing discernment is such a priority with God that He is silent with all of us at times to develop and test us. God is not going to tell you every answer, He’s not going to warn you about every problem. He wants us to learn how to work together – to increase our unity. Just as evaluating and judging a prophetic word by a particular fellowship meeting is important and interpreting the meaning of a prophetic dream or word is important. It is easy for a person with a prophetic gift to get lulled into a false security that if there was something dangerous about a certain course of action God would have told them. We are all responsible to constantly examine the word of God, seek to hear His still small voice, and to listen to what others in the body of Christ are saying.

Here is a quote from Charisma News – the entire article is excellent:

“The war within the church is drawing a dividing line between brothers and sisters in Christ due to the church lacking the ability to discern what’s God and what’s not. For all appearance’s sake, our actions reflect a trigger response for judging the heart of others, based on fleshly emotions and carnal thinking. The false narrative and the voices of the false prophetic have the masses so confused through a spirit of persuasion, that people are throwing the baby out with the bathwater per se while labeling the pure in heart as counterfeit sources delivering contaminated goods”.

George Soros has been influencing public opinion and elections for some time, including paying Christian ministries, even Christian radio, to advertise positive messages for his objectives including fake news spots on various subjects. This effort that funnels through many NGO organizations now continues with his son.

There is so much testimony pouring out right now about the election fraud many video testimonies of IT workers at state Senate hearings are available at Mad World News.