Secret Space Program – Can They Control Asteroids?

Why do some movies contain elements or major plots that we find out later actually depicted reality? See my blog category prophetic media for examples. There are three theories as to why some movies depict things that actually happen. One is called predictive programming and can be seen as humans bragging about what they plan to do. Another theory is that the demonic realm uses their influence to drop information of what they plan into a movie. A third theory I have considered is the idea that God plants information into movie creators’ minds to reveal issues people need to mull over ahead of time or simply to cause people to realize there must be a spiritual explanation to look into. It seems to me that all three of these theories are likely to explain things we see in movies from time to time that defy probability. Here is an update to my August 2020 post, Does God hide Easter eggs for us to find, touching on the secret space program:

Recently a number of asteroids have shown up unannounced and even caught the attention of the mainstream media. They get tracked on The close calls are highlighted in red (LD – Lunar Distance is the distance between the earth and the moon:

snapshot of from 25 March 2021

The plot of the TV show Salvation regards the U.S. Government having the ability to control the trajectory of asteroids to strike a desired location on earth. It seems this may be more than just good fiction as discussed by Dave Hodges.  Dave’s writings are based on the testimonies of credible witnesses that have worked with the secret space program derived from Nazi scientist brought to our country after World War II. Do a search for operation paperclip to find some of the historical documents that created this program and surely imparted more than we bargained for in our intelligence agencies. You can’t bring evil people into your government and not accelerate the growth of evil – of course, we recruited our own evil people as well. So consider this testimony of Dave Hodges on his website “The Common Sense Show”:

“Over time and through multiple sources, I have learned that the technology to bring an asteroid into near earth-orbit is important. Asteroids are mineral-rich and they will create a first generation of trillionaires here on earth after they are mined.”

I use many news sites such as The Common Sense Show to add fuel to my prayer life. I don’t live with a fatalistic view, but I find it important to pray through news that sometimes points to our demise as a conclusion. We have not been called to live in a cocoon of warm cozy thoughts shielded from reality. Of course, Dave can’t prove this technology to guide asteroids exists, but because of his background of having a father who did some very unique work for the government, he has been entrusted with some important information. My last post was done with him in mind. He has a very unique background that makes him qualified to discuss undisclosed government programs which we will never be fully told about, additionally, he is a great human being.