Religious Issues

To ignore how Satan is working against us and our nation is a tragic mistake that keeps you defenseless and ignorant of threats you need to fight against. The most effective deceptions are ones that come with a mix of truth in them. Many times Satan wants to achieve a core deception and is willing to add some truth into it to embed a single lie. That lie is then hard to get to because you must trample on some of the surrounding truths or trample on a precious minister of God who supports it.

I apologize in advance for picking on the Catholics, but I will use the example of their tradition of praying the Rosary. This prayer method encapsulates many good prayers into a religious practice that also includes praying to Mary – not a good idea. In the below video the history of the Rosary is discussed. It reveals that one of the reasons for accepting this practice came from the testimonies of evil spirits that were being cast out of a man by the ministry of Saint Dominic in 1214.

See the 3:43 mark of How the Rosary Came to Be (The Origin of the Rosary)

To accept the testimony of a demon is a serious mistake. In Capernaum, Jesus taught on the Sabbath day when a demonized man began to testify about Jesus. Jesus commanded the evil spirit to be silent, rebuked it, and commanded it to come out of the man (Luke 4:31). We should not be listening and complying with the testimony of demons, but remember that we are God’s reformers in this world.

Huge anti-lockdown protest in London – May 29th

If you have learned from experience how to avoid internet scams you have gained a valuable skill in avoiding demonic lies. You cannot trust a web page, an email, or a voice mail, simply because it has come to you and addressed you. In our denominations, we have gravitated to human beings who possess a quality of warmth and have elevated that trait alongside truth. This is a mistake and has resulted in rejecting other important testimonies that were sent our way.

Many denominations have prospered during the last 40 years by creating an environment where people felt comfortable and encouraged by truth. But in this new era of deception, where mask-wearing and social distancing take a heavy psychological toll the church encouragement strategy loses its effect. People have concluded there isn’t much point in being treated as if everything is warm and blessed because there isn’t much of that left in the world. It is time to break spiritual deception. To disciple people and make them aware of the works of darkness and the power of prayer and the blood of Jesus over those works.

Many Christians have accepted the testimony of the mainstream media about the mRNA vaccine. They have also accepted the testimony of wealthy people or government leaders who show signs of being involved in Freemasonry and Satanism pushing the vaccine. Pointing out these types of issues is prohibited by the culture of many churches because it violates their Be Nice moto. When we live by our own motos our ministry eventually takes us to the place where God must intervene. God’s ways are not man’s ways and what we think of as a dialed-in process can get in God’s way eventually. Our theological dogmas on what is allowed to be discussed in church take us right back to the manmade system of the Pharisees that isn’t focused on Jesus and the truth of God’s word.

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