Recognizing Demonic Influence on the World

Are we not yet capable of recognizing demonic agendas? How bad does it have to get before we see the agenda in the proposals of government? So many Christians have swallowed the lie that they should not believe in the existence of evil conspiracies seeking to drag the world into the control of the Antichrist. So many Christians hold to the idea that our faith should not deal with political issues, even to the point of thinking that they need not vote. If that were true then our faith has nothing to do with any earth-bound issue at all. This was the first false doctrine to come into the church known as Gnosticism. Submitting to authority that we realize has become demonic is not a virtue.

Pray for Canada, as our neighbor to the North it is very much in our interest to intercede on their behalf. We have been told that if we fail to do this we will end up with a Jihadist state next door from which terror attacks will be launched into our country. If you research their current Prime Minister you will see the links to Islam that are there.

This is a critical news link for all intercessors by Hal Turner, who I have followed for several years. His reports and sources are very credible.

There is so much you could read on how COVID insanity is attacking Australia, as I link to in my previous post, as well as how radical Islam is assaulting New Zealand and Great Britton that defies reason, except to point to the unseen spiritual warfare of our time. We must be able to see how darkness covers the earth, how Satan builds his kingdom, and what increases his power and control over people.

The U.N. made the announcement on September 29 to commemorate so-called International Safe Abortion Day,… will bring together U.N. entities with the world’s largest abortion providers, … to promote “comprehensive abortion care,” including access to self-administered telemedicine abortion, as an essential service and a “human right.”

In his latest “Brothers All” encyclical letter, Pope Francis issues a plea for the nations of the world to hand their reins of power over to the United Nations, which Francis says will lead us all into the New World Order.

Finally, a very fundamental look at the nature of communism. A Clash of Ultimate Power—Heritage Brief 41