Psalm 59 – A prayer for today

Psalm 59 is a prayer for those on the front lines: police, witnesses, our president, …

Paul Craig Roberts statement about the election:
If the theft stands, there will never again be a free election in the United States.  Elections will be programmed to serve the ruling elite until the pretense of democracy is discarded.

2020 has been a historic year. Consider what is behind us:

It is not the paid rioters that I cry out against, as much as those who paid them. It is not the  protesters I cry out against, it is the mainstream media deceivers and the politicians who stir up riots. Joe Biden’s kids have been greatly on my heart this month. I spent some time crying out for their family to receive God’s mercy and saving grace. Psalm 59 is an appropriate prayer right now for the spiritual assault we are under. A cry against the world wide pedophile ring and the elite deep state planners in our country.

There are many people we need to lift up in prayer right now, especially the witnesses of what has gone down. We need to do so every time we see them in the headlines. I am grateful for such as these:

Rudy Giuliani confirms that Dominion software people are stepping forward as whistleblowers.

“After United States Postal Service (USPS) whistleblower Richard Hopkins came forward with claims that he was instructed by his superiors to backdate ballots received after election day, The Washington Post wrote a fake news article claiming that Hopkins later admitted to making the whole thing up…. In an exclusive interview with Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, Hopkins, a Marine combat veteran, revealed that he was subjected to a form of mind control by federal agents who “were grilling the hell out of me,” he stated, adding that he felt “like I just got played.””

It takes some experience to interpret prophetic dreams and visions, but consider getting some training by simply reading a book such as The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams You Dream – by Ira Milligan. Dana Coverstone is a man of integrity and I appreciate how he has handled the assignment he was given of receiving several dreams this year to help us orient our thinking. Many people have added their dream interpretation efforts to his download to try to understand what God is telling us. If you didn’t read my post on one of his dreams here it is. You can search for his other dreams on YouTube or

Pastor Dana Coverstone Dream – Data Explosion Interpretation

Adding prophetic news to your portfolio of news sources is a way to see news that has not yet happened. Here is an example of a prophetically generated warning.

Wormwood Harbingers – Why Are So Many Asteroids Having Close Calls With Earth?

What I like about his testimony is that he includes in a closing remark how many times God will change his mind about judgments he has decreed or postpone a judgment because of how we respond to the warning – read the book of Jonah in the Old Testament.

There is important coverage of election fraud at TruNews and many more headlines from the independent media at