Presidential Debate Process

The mainstream media thinks they own the presidential debate process. They do not and it should be taken from them immediately. Our current debate format for political contenders is ridiculous. It keeps the contenders from intelligently discussing important issues for our country. The controlled questions and restricted answers are a shameful mainstream media masquerade. It is designed by these media experts as a means of stirring up conflict to create the backdrop for their pundits to pick through. Separate rooms are needed for candidates to prevent the interruptions and inevitable disrespect that gets employed. We the television audience, don’t need to see the opposing candidate when they are not fielding a question. The questions should be asked by someone of the candidate’s choice – not the mainstream media. Half of the questions should be written by the candidate’s party so they can talk about their vision for the country and the other half could be agreed upon questions for both candidates to answer. These identical questions can be displayed on a video screen as they are being read to identify them as identical questions. The use of dishonor has been part of the debate process for many years now and must be removed.