Prayer Groups

Some underlying truth toward forming prayer groups from Ed Silvoso’s book Ekklesia:

The word ekklesia was not a religious word. It was a term that referred to an assembly of Roman or Greek citizens that came together, as small as three people, to discuss the affairs of their kingdom. King James selected the people to produce the KJV translation based on their agreeing to translate the word ekklesia as church. This gave him more power, because he was considered the head of the Anglican church. Today we have a great need to form small assemblies for discussing kingdom of heaven business and lifting our prayers to heaven. Do not wait for your “church” to organize this, but rather seek to start and multiply small prayer groups. We, like Roman ekklesia’s, have certain rights that are based on us being citizens of the kingdom of God. These rights are energized in groups of two or three, as Jesus taught. These rights are independent of our groups being sponsored by a denominational church. We must seek to hear God’s still small voice in these small groups and take action accordingly. This is how the early church expanded. Our founding fathers were very wise in laying down constitutional separation specifying that the church and the state could not become “married,” such as was the case in England. Top down human directives have a tendency to become crushing, especially when issued under conditions of duress. A joint church and state wields too much human power.

My experience:

My wife and I are an Ekklesia that meets every night for prayer at the foot of our bed, me with my arm around her. Here are some of the things God has put on our hearts to pray for recently:

  • That God would send His protection against those plotting harm that they would not be able to do so. That some of these would get saved because of the supernatural witness that God would produce.

Psalm 9:20 – Put them in fear, O Lord, that the nations themselves may know they are mortals.

  • That God would reveal the secrets of the deep state and expose their collusion (including scripts they have given the mainstream media).
  • Supernatural protection and wisdom for the President and our Attorney General, William Bar – also that supernatural evidence would be given to the DOJ.
  • That God would remove wrong influence from the President and Congress.

Psalm 46:10 MEV – Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

Recently Ed Silvoso has said that we urgently need to start forming Ekklesia’s.

Quotes guiding our prayers at this time:

Kynan Bridges, July 2020:

“We are in a crucible for the future of the Church and America right now. Pray that the spirit of darkness would be lifted from over us. If we fail to do this we are at risk of missing our destiny”.

Prophetic words are not fatalistic. Our involvement, repentance and taking action is required. One of my favorite prophetic statements is from a Blue Bloods TV episode titled “Leap of faith,” where a prophetic person says: “God gives me information but He doesn’t tell me how things are going to turn out.” I love that line and believe it is spiritually accurate.

Lana Vawser, Dec 2018:

“I saw so many of God’s people being pushed into a corner, battle weary and feeling the intensity of the pressure, when suddenly Jesus appeared in front of them. He placed His hand on their chest and in the middle of the pressing and pressure, with such a weariness and panic on many faces, He spoke so gently but full of authority: “Look at Me! Look at Me!” It was the invitation to look at NOTHING ELSE but Him”.

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Pastor Dana Coverstone has told us prayer groups will be forming throughout the nation in September. He explains in a recent video that God is seeking solemn assemblies. He has spoken to us of three prayer needs:

1. The church to have a strong backbone – the part of something that makes it strong. This we do by focusing on Jesus more than anything on earth.

2. Things that have become corrupted in church need to be realized and healed.

3. Ask for a great harvest.