Mike Adams is one of the most important voices of truth in the independent media and likewise Rand Paul for our government. I ask you to pray for both of them that our nation could hold onto freedom. It seems clear that there is some agenda we don’t know about that accounts for the desperate push to get 70 percent of the population vaccinated. When proposals and policies seem ludicrous there is some spiritually induced lunacy behind them.  Altiyan Childs’ documentary seems to be the most reasonable answer that points to a sufficient agenda- depopulation. Satan wants a one-world government more than anything and death and economic destruction are the key pathways to that agenda.

Must listen to message Deep State Issues Direct Threat to Mike Adams

Even though Senator Paul does not oppose the use of vaccines, he supports liberty and is one of the few political leaders that ask the right questions which will eventually lead him to the truth about these mRNA injections.