Is the Corona virus a planned epidemic with an agenda, as many have questioned? The video titled “Plandemic” opens this conversation. Using the search engine: DuckDuckGo which does not maintain a database on your search habits, I found the website, which someone set up solely to make this important video available and keep it from being censored. “Plandemic” has been taken down from major social media sites, nor could I find it searching on Google.com1. Judy Mikovits is the subject of the interview and her story is very important to understand, as is the testimony of Robert F Kennedy Jr., doing legal work to help those who have suffered from vaccine injury2.

The DuckDuckGo search engine turned up the website as the first result listed. For the type of research I do, an unbiased search engine makes it possible. In the era that we have been born into we must assume responsibility for many things. Our compliance with the agenda of others will make us a part of the problem or we can choose to be part of transformation that God is calling us to produce.

I always encourage people to be honorable in what they speak and write, because, by speaking honorably it helps you become an honorable person (I learned this from the writings of Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, and Danny Silk). When we slip into anger we are getting close to the emotion of hatred and hatred is the language of demons.

At the end of her interview, you are overwhelmed by her courage and humility in confessing how easy it is to be misled according to how we have all been indoctrinated. She has all the markings of someone who’s life story is for our benefit. To me she is a biblical “Joseph” who has been shot at with arrows of speech and put in prison for a period of time, only to emerge as a leader who’s voice carries and important worldwide warning.


End Notes:

  1. As you may know Google did search engine work for the Chinese Communist Party called dragonfly that produces a social credit score for every person in their country. You are require to carry a smart phone in China and your phone displays a QR code that can be scanned that has information on you that authorities can evaluate if they detain you. The QR code is either green or red. If it is red you are not allowed to travel.
  2. Prayer:  Lord God, thank you for such people, who have taken their time to protect us and give us information we need to evaluate. We ask you to bless them and keep watch over them.