Pastor Dana Coverstone Dream – Data Explosion Interpretation

Here is my take on Dana’s latest dream. I have also commented on his dream about the November election aftermath in my post What will November bring? as well as my post  Doomy, Gloomy Types of Things.

Overall I felt like the circuits overloading was God moving on people in city after city through revival that sweeps the country from west to east and is accompanied by a prophetic outpouring that overloads the airways and human emotions. The men in white coats are angels1 assisting with the revival and trying to achieve the balance God desires, challenged by people who are spiritually depraved, desperate, and lonely right now. The smoke is part of this revival due to God’s presence2. I think the smoke will also represent prophetic revelation. It is the signal cloud of information God reveals that eventually spells out the word “discovery.” Discovery of things that have been suppressed through satanic deception aided by human accomplices.

I believe one of the results of what God is going to do will be that the mainstream media and tech giants won’t be able to suppress the truth anymore – this is my hope and prayer. There will be so much prophetic revelation that it will ruin the mainstream media and tech giant’s deceptive efforts. I believe the dream is indicating that the contention of holding onto the presidential contest will last until December 17th at which time it will be “closed,” like a casket and ready to be buried. The Democrats will do what Hillary has treasonously coached them to do, which is to not concede the election, as she has said – no matter what. At that point we will be living in a split nation – the split liberty bell. What one side considers liberty will be separated from what the other side considers liberty and our congress will be hopelessly divided as it already is, but it will be more overt.

We have had many revivals in history, some have come at strained times in history where humans were depressed and in bondage, as the Welsh revival. But it seems our day sets the record for those feelings. It is hard to fathom the impact of experiencing an outpouring of God’s love will have3. Refer to the dreams wording of “not blowing a circuit,” and having to reroute [i.e. the outpouring] to another city. God will always keep our relationship with Him a matter of faith – balancing all this is beyond our ability to fathom (See my post – Prime Directive). Of course, there is also the spin-off effects of our flesh and the human will, which make revival meetings unpredictable.

I think the liberty bell “melting” represents the meltdown of many relationships of the two halves of our polarized nation. I interpret the octopus arms reaching out of Washington DC as a representation of the deep state mounting an effort to stop the effect of the revival in shutting down their hoped-for meltdown of the United States to achieve their goals of a UN takeover and global government.

I don’t know what shutting the lights out in congress means – sounds bad, but I believe it is an exhortation that we must not stay divided or it will be lights out.


  1. There are many verses in the bible where Jesus, angels, and the saints are clothed in white.
  2. Exodus 19:18  “Now Mount Sinai was all in smoke because the Lord descended upon it…”
  3. Both human beings and angles are given opportunities and assignments to be a part of what God is doing. Angels will undoubtedly be involved and challenged in their assignments of spreading the anointing of heaven, trying to regulate how much anointing people need to feel.