Captain America – Movie Metaphor

(Prophetic interpretation in italic)

This is what is playing out in our country right now. I have seen how God hides His actions in what looks like coincidence and His voice in metaphor to maintain the work of faith He desires on the earth. This is the premise behind the movies I share on this site that I have assigned meaning to. These movies are respectful of the Bible and God and usually have been quite popular.

The overall metaphor elements in this movie are:  Schmidt (Red Scull) = Satan

and  Captain America = America.

The movie Captain America has a metaphorical message about our current fight with Satan. The character Schmidt reveals the insanity evil people and evil spirits take on who have departed from God. But to themselves, confused by pride, they see themselves as brilliant. This archenemy Schmidt hides behind a mask of a human face, which he takes off in his initial fight with Captain America to reveal his true identity – Red Scull (the devil). We are facing the prospect of a president Kamala Harris, who will remove her mask after she is declared the president.

Later as Captain America is fighting Red Scull on the transcontinental bomber headed for New York, he is questioned why he fights for a nation.

Schmidt: “You could have the power of the gods” (through being modified with technology), “yet you wear a flag on your chest and think you fight a battle of nations.”

Schmidt:  I have seen the future, Captain, there are no flags. (This is a reference to the borderless, highly controlled, one-world government that Satan, through human beings with an Antichrist spirit, desire to set up.)

Captain America: “Not my future.” (This is the future America is called to prevent).

In closing, rejoice over this: Jesus is very good, He is the true bread of heaven.  Taste and see that the Lord is good. America is in the valley of decision and must decide which spiritual side to stand with and partake of.

Psalm 9:10    NASB 1995        
And those who know Your name will put their trust in You,
For You, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.

What’s Next?

Two News items:

FEC Chair Drops the Hammer: The Results Are ‘Illegitimate’

Most nations keep many secrets from their people. I have heard Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show say that most nations also have a “deep state” – an entrenched secret group that has its own agenda, yep, even China. You really need to check out his website, specifically this broadcast on election issues:  The First Legal Domino Has Fallen

Dave Hodges is an amazing guy, like Mike Adams of Natural News he is quite intelligent and has a lot of contacts that send him information, which is pretty important living in a We-Keep-Secrets world that every government lives in.

Finding out that the government has been secretly doing things for a long time that we should have been notified of is a huge problem to a “free and open society” -as JFK said. For years we had to talk about the “conspiracy theory” of chemtrails being sprayed by aircraft in our skies until, as I mentioned recently, we were simply told what a wonderful thing this is by John Brennan …  at a Council on Foreign Relations event. I would say in our current situation it should be apparent that the Dem’s and the deep state knew they were likely to get caught. Here would be my letter to the President:

Dear President Trump, would you please invite, from bottom-up, anyone who would like to turn themselves in with a certified recording of their confession in this plot – they will be dealt with fairly and with more mercy and grace now than later. Also, please include an amnesty offer for people who have falsified COVID data. We are hoping this could happen before they launch the next “EVENT” which might be something unthinkable to most people – Event 201 was bad enough (see Plandemic II).

Here is an amplified version of the last paragraph:
Did they think their thug tactics hauling in boxes of fabricated ballots and their web-based programmable election manipulation software would not be discovered? It was more a hope than a plan. Most of the time these things are just begging to be discovered. I think the plan is bigger than what we have seen so far. Based on their experience with pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, and creating government mandates, what is next on their response ladder for the people of the USA? I think they have a plan that can be escalated to prevent the unthinkable disclosure of their satanic pedophile network and agenda. This is the scary part – what are they willing to do now to prevent getting caught for much more than election fraud.

Psalm 59 – A prayer for today

Psalm 59 is a prayer for those on the front lines: police, witnesses, our president, …

Paul Craig Roberts statement about the election:
If the theft stands, there will never again be a free election in the United States.  Elections will be programmed to serve the ruling elite until the pretense of democracy is discarded.

2020 has been a historic year. Consider what is behind us:

It is not the paid rioters that I cry out against, as much as those who paid them. It is not the  protesters I cry out against, it is the mainstream media deceivers and the politicians who stir up riots. Joe Biden’s kids have been greatly on my heart this month. I spent some time crying out for their family to receive God’s mercy and saving grace. Psalm 59 is an appropriate prayer right now for the spiritual assault we are under. A cry against the world wide pedophile ring and the elite deep state planners in our country.

There are many people we need to lift up in prayer right now, especially the witnesses of what has gone down. We need to do so every time we see them in the headlines. I am grateful for such as these:

Rudy Giuliani confirms that Dominion software people are stepping forward as whistleblowers.

“After United States Postal Service (USPS) whistleblower Richard Hopkins came forward with claims that he was instructed by his superiors to backdate ballots received after election day, The Washington Post wrote a fake news article claiming that Hopkins later admitted to making the whole thing up…. In an exclusive interview with Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, Hopkins, a Marine combat veteran, revealed that he was subjected to a form of mind control by federal agents who “were grilling the hell out of me,” he stated, adding that he felt “like I just got played.””

It takes some experience to interpret prophetic dreams and visions, but consider getting some training by simply reading a book such as The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams You Dream – by Ira Milligan. Dana Coverstone is a man of integrity and I appreciate how he has handled the assignment he was given of receiving several dreams this year to help us orient our thinking. Many people have added their dream interpretation efforts to his download to try to understand what God is telling us. If you didn’t read my post on one of his dreams here it is. You can search for his other dreams on YouTube or

Pastor Dana Coverstone Dream – Data Explosion Interpretation

Adding prophetic news to your portfolio of news sources is a way to see news that has not yet happened. Here is an example of a prophetically generated warning.

Wormwood Harbingers – Why Are So Many Asteroids Having Close Calls With Earth?

What I like about his testimony is that he includes in a closing remark how many times God will change his mind about judgments he has decreed or postpone a judgment because of how we respond to the warning – read the book of Jonah in the Old Testament.

There is important coverage of election fraud at TruNews and many more headlines from the independent media at

The Spiritual Battle Determines the Earthly Battle

Listen to my follow-on to yesterday’s post looking metaphorically at the movie Batman Begins related to where America is at right now.


“The headquarters of the Democratic Party of Multnomah County, Oregon, came under attack Sunday night from Antifa protesters. The vandals smashed windows and painted “F**k Biden” followed by an Antifa brand. They also painted, “No more presidents” on the building.”

Portland protesters attack city commissioners home and suddenly leaders are mad about vandalism (this also happened with the Seattle Mayor months ago).

Something more profound to consider from Rick Joyner – a quote  made by President Teddy Roosevelt:

         The teachings of the Bible are so interwoven and entwined with our whole civil and social life that it would be literally—and I do NOT mean figuratively, I mean literally—impossible for us to figure to ourselves what that life would be if these teachings were removed. We would lose almost all the standards by which we now judge both public and private morals—all the standards toward which we, with more or less resolution, strive to raise ourselves… ~President Teddy Roosevelt

What is far more important right now than the news, is meeting with God in your thoughts through His word, prayer, and connecting with Him in worship – (  This is how our Republic will be saved.

Important News update:

Gotham City is America

I am not focusing on the news today but this post is the heart of what is going on in the country, you need to see the big picture right now as DOJ is launching federal prosecutors all across the country.  As a small plug for Epoch times, I really enjoy my weekly newspaper and the email/video updates I get throughout the week. They have been right on top of developments with the voting fraud crisis.

Referenced movie lines from “Batman Begins” are presented in bold italic.

Young Bruce Wayne feels responsible for his parent’s death because he initiated his family leaving the theater, stepping into tragedy. This is a Satanic strategy: we feel responsible for the evil that befalls us. As a result, Bruce spends many bitter years over-focused on his past. After Bruce Wayne grows up, he is disillusioned and goes seeking the meaning of life. Ra’s al Ghul is a picture of Satan, or more specifically a religious spirit. He tells Bruce he is very lost and offers him religion. Bruce almost joins the League of Shadows, which focuses on vengeance – definitely not a religion of peace. No false religion is, but many like to be thought of that way when fulfilling their vow to use deception on outsiders. Finally, Bruce breaks the power of fear over his life.

Ra’s tries to stimulate pride in Bruce and suggests he take vengeance, but Bruce knows from hindsight and his friend Rachael that this is not right. Ra’s changes what he has told Bruce, at times urging him to do the wrong thing. Even in training Bruce to be one of Ra’s own, he uses deception on him. This is a common false religion tactic. Ra’s claims the League of Shadows has been a check against human corruption for thousands of years. This is religion’s false claim. Ra’s claims that every time a civilization reaches the pinnacle of its decadence – they restore balance. This has happened in history, where evil nations have risen up to deal out justice on formerly righteous nations that have gone astray, due to what is called a “curse” because of sin – (search curses in the Bible, mainly the Old Testament, also see the book Healing and Freedom by Restoring The Foundations). There are legal rights the devil demands against people who depart from God’s law. Bruce represents a noble knight, “one of the son of God” who seeks to restore others to God and righteousness. Gotham is a stereotypical American city in decay (Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Detroit).

Bruce asks Ra’s to give him more time, that Gotham is not beyond saving. Ra’s tells Bruce “we have infiltrated every level of Gotham’s infrastructure.” This is true in real life; we call it the deep state. It is an infiltration of evil inside the government and the major power centers of society (medical establishment, banking, media, tech giants, etc.). Good people are afraid to get involved and oppose the embedded evil. Many who try to help are suicided, especially those seeking to expose pedophilia.Rachel is a type of voice of the Holy Spirit she tells Bruce: “What chance does Gotham have when good people do nothing.” Racheal helps Bruce interpret legal matters. She tells him Justice & Revenge are not the same. Even as the Holy Spirit helps us understand and interpret the word of God and how we live that word out.

Alfred is also a type of voice of the Holy Spirit – the nurturer behind Bruce, caring about his future. We are all prisoners of Satan until we are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. Both Bruce’s father and Albert tell him: The reason why we fall is to learn to pick ourselves up. This is what the voice of Father God and the Holy Spirit tells us – I believe you feel this right now. God allows many setbacks so we will learn to restore ourselves so that He can train us to restore the world.

Falcone, the Mafia boss, is a picture of demonic intimidation1 and control, especially strong in intelligence agencies infiltrated by the deep state. Just as Crane, the corrupt psychologist, is drugging people to misperceive reality and create mental illness. Was modifying our brains an intended side effect from vaccines and geoengineering – the formerly secret aerial spraying effort claimed to modify solar heat gain on earth, that John Brennan was so proud of and, I just learned, Bill Gates helps fund – well, in that case, it has to be evil.

Ra’s tells Bruce that Gotham’s time has come – “it is beyond saving.” This is the same thing Satan is declaring over America right now. Ra’s first tells Bruce that they tried to use economics to bring judgment against Gotham. This has started in 2020 through COVID and the overdone lock-downs.

Batman Begins is a display of the league of shadows as the demonic realm, and their purpose to destroy decadent people – that’s pretty much everyone. Breaking God’s law makes us subject to demonic oppression. Anyone who asks to be forgiven of their sins, gives their life to God, walks with God the Holy Spirit every day connected through God’s word, prayer, and righteous deeds, will become “the Batman” (a spiritual evil fighter) to their city. If you need help praying that and getting started email me (see About Me page).

You can literally pray all the way through this movie for America – I have, since the first time I watched it. Prayer can be a deeply spiritual addition to movie watching. God will join you as your emotions are heightened through metaphorical drama and your spirit cries out to God in desperation. I will be sharing more from my favorite prayer-movie list…

In closing we honor those in real life who have gone before us, who did not shrink back from evil.

  1. “In 2010, Senator Nancy Schaefer decided to blow the whistle on child trafficking within Child Protective Services. In a random alleged suicide-murder, Senator Nancy Schaefer is said to have fallen victim to a gunshot wound inflicted by her husband, who had no motive to kill her and then turn the gun on himself. Their five children were not harmed, but suicide notes addressed to each are rumored to be forged.” Quoted from <>

See this metaphor through related news:

“Minneapolis officials are considering bringing in officers from other jurisdictions to help the city’s Police Department as they face a wave of violent crime and an officer shortage. If the mayor and City Council approve the plan, officers from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and Metro Transit Police would temporarily work with the city, primarily helping to respond to violent 911 calls.”

Quoted from <>

See the Spirit Realm Through the News

News & Views:

MUST READ: The Fight for The Soul of Our Republic Has Begun

BREAKING: Twitter and Facebook Are SUSPENDING Anyone Who Retweeted Our Tweet on Benford’s Law That SHOWS IMPLAUSIBILITY OF BIDEN VOTE DISTRIBUTION!

****** IMPORTANT article. Also important on this page is the video titled: In the Blink of an Eye: CNN’s ‘Magic Board’ Subtracts 20,000 Trump Votes and Adds Them to Biden’s Tally in Pennsylvania.

“Judicial Watch announced today that a September 2020 study revealed that 353 U.S. counties had 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens. In other words, the registration rates of those counties exceeded 100% of eligible voters. The study found eight states showing state-wide registration rates exceeding 100%: Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont.”

This election is such a sham that even other counties are aware of what a fraud this is. In Liverpool, England, a big beautiful banner flew above football stadium Goodison Park that declared the “world knows Trump won #MAGA.”

You may be struggling with the assertion I made yesterday that evil spirits can go into this area known as “the Courts of Heaven,” But the Bible tells us there is a time coming when they will be barred from heaven. See Revelation 12:9-12  TPT. But for now they have access. They are spirit beings that have free will just as humans do. It is something we cannot observe. But we can see it in various passages of scripture:

2 Chronicles 18:18-22  ESV
 20-21 Then a spirit came forward and stood before the Lord, saying, ‘I will entice him.’ And the Lord said to him, ‘By what means?’ And he said, ‘I will go out, and will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets.’ And he said, ‘You are to entice him, and you shall succeed; go out and do so.’

Who could add up the sum total of sin’s that were never confessed and forgiven that have resulted in the spiritual curses on our nation. In our day this lying spirit is on the mainstream media. In another example from scripture, Revelation 13:7 NKJV you sense a verdict that has been handed out in heaven. “7 It was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every [a]tribe, tongue, and nation.” This is the very curse we are resisting with our prayers that would be set in motion by a Biden-Harris presidency.

We know the number of years spent as a professional politician is a danger in and of itself, which is why term limits is crucial for Congress. Term limits have been defeated in congress more than once. Long careers in political life allow evil forces to gain influence, catalog favors owed, and even hold blackmail over imperfect humans. The demonic realm knows how to hook into the unsuspecting political leader over time. The movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” is a classic case study. Career politicians such as the late John McCain played an important role in deep state objectives. For the Democrats, Maxine Waters has served 47 years, Dianne Feinstein  60, Joe 51, Chuck 45, Nancy 33.

A popular term in the independent media right now is “gas-lit.” You will need to watch some of the movie: (Gaslight 1944) to understand this term that describes one of the fundamental ways the mainstream media operates – declaring something that is not true to be true, over and over again.

An appropriate quote from Mollie Hemingway on the mainstream media: “They lie, they lie, they lie. And then they lie.”

Finally, for the pure enjoyment of it – The Conservative Truth, discussing Fox News cancellation of ‘Justice With Judge Jeanine.’ I thank God for every truth-telling person doing their best to save our Republic. They are in my prayers night and day.

The Anti-Coup Truth Tellers vs. The Anti-Christ spirit

I use the news as a window into the spiritual realm, so the real issue in all my posts is the spiritual realm itself. We can’t see the activity in that realm, but I believe the reason that this coup attempt is so blatant is for the purpose of the devil collecting evidence against people, including Christians, who are content to go along with and accept the blatant cheating as just destiny that we just need to accept. Satan seeks to win his demands in the courts of heaven that God should allow him to bring affliction to people. Perhaps he even wants to bring about a premature release of his final solution – the guy who gets known as the Antichrist. Of course, the spirit of Antichrist has been in operation since the time we were informed by John:

1 John 2:18  ESV

Children, it is the last hour, and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come. Therefore we know that it is the last hour.

1 John 4:3  ESV

 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already.

Barack Obama was infused by this spirit. He made it clear we were no longer a Christian nation but had many “good” religions. Despite the US having missed the Hillary presidency, the plan is now to install Kamala Harris as president at all costs. If they have to burn down the country to do this it’s OK with them. They are the globalists. The Democrat-Deep State machine, backed by the billionaire boys club, the mainstream media, and the tech giants.

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The Spiritual – Legal Realm
We the Church must become a House of Prayer

Finally, if you have the time to watch it, this video may be the most important one today. It goes into the technical details of our voting process that is completely corruptible – by design. At the 36 minute mark, you will witness real-time evidence for vote switching that happens at the server level.

Do Not Steal. Do Not Lie. Do Not Deceive One Another.

The above title is from Leviticus 19:11  NIV

Living underneath a legal framework is one of the great purposes of life. This election crisis is the greatest test of the rule of law by the dark forces of the deep state.

Isaiah 5:24-30  from The Passion Translation talks of falling into Judgment.  Verse 24 gives the starting point of departing from God. It starts when people start to despise God’s word.

“For they said, “No!” to the teachings of Yahweh, the Lord of Angel Armies, and have despised the word of the Holy One of Israel!”

I frequently talk about the opposite ways of God and the devil on my blog. Just as God is attracted to those who follow the light of God’s commandments, The devil is attracted to those who reject God’s laws. The devil gives his political favors to such people. Hidden sin’s can be leveraged by the devil, so he and his deep state partners have always been attracted to politicians that can be blackmailed over hidden sins.

Listen to this important 8-minute teaching that has bearing on what is happening in the United States that will affect the whole world if we let it go unchecked.

Related Scripture
2 Peter 1:5-9
Galatians 5:19-21
James 4:1-4
Matthew 7:21-23

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The Road Ahead

A Civil War Worth Fighting

We must have the wisdom to see what our enemies are setting in place and estimate what the no return point is, where fighting is no longer possible. Where we have lost the opportunity to fight and can only accept going underground or being imprisoned. This was the terrible lesson German Christians went through under Hitler and his inner circle. Just as it is today, Germany was in a situation where Nazi political forces joined with demonic forces. Are you content to ignore evil plans unfolding in our country?  Predicting the window of opportunity where a response is possible is hard to do, but beyond that point, our precious liberties will be stripped from us as we have already had a taste of under “global COVID law.” The Biden-Harris platform is a combination of both Communist and Islam friendly policies. Watching documentaries of the rise of Hitler is perhaps the most profound just-in-time education you could possibly seek at this point.

Quote from Rick Joyner’s Heritage Brief 44:
     “Understanding timing is a key to understanding. We may want peace more than anything, but we will perish if we seek peace when it is the time for war. We are now at war. As history also makes clear, attempts to appease intractable enemies like we now face makes the ultimate cost of the conflict far greater.” 

Rick Joyner’s Heritage Brief 37 is another important exhortation. Here he makes a point about objectives. We are in a civil war for which we must have objectives. We must know what makes victory worth fighting for. He exhorts us to visualize ahead of time how we envision holding on to those objectives. Here are some I think would be worth fighting for.

  • Better accounting controls to eliminate dark money flowing to government and private organizations.
  • Clearing out the Deep State and ghost agencies. Laws that help prevent what is going on now with the Deep State would have to understand it’s origin to prevent its immediate reoccurrence. There are people in the independent media that know more about this than anyone else.
  • Term limits and the creation of other political processes for the temporary incursion of debt.
  • Higher pay for federal workers, but no pension – they save for their own retirement in a special tax-free account. The risk of losing retirement benefits is held over good people’s heads in their time of service, making it harder to take a stand to do the right thing. It is an unspoken threat that few, except people like Edward Snowden, have overcome.
  • No rotating door between the government and the corporate world. No ability for FDA regulators to get royalty money from drugs. We don’t need scientists at the FDA  who supposedly have the most impressive resume, as much as we need people we can trust to make good common-sense decisions. I propose we put Judy Mikovits as head of the FDA.
  • Revamp the rights and responsibilities of the mainstream media and tech giants.
  • A way to eliminate AI bots from social media and website blog comments.
  • Presidential Debate Process and a Voter Awareness Bill. Right now most voter awareness is left in the hands of the mainstream media. This bill would be about creating greater availability for small independent groups and churches to be involved in educating voters – no 501.c3 restrictions.

In closing, we are witnessing the power of deception in our nation through large corporate entities. I believe we will find that we need an adjustment to our laws that help us handle being free from deception. This would include religions that declare in their source documents that deception is a legitimate process for them to use (Islam), as well as media and other organizations, including political parties that have a goal of subverting our constitution. There should be no constitutional protection for any such religion or the “press” to promote deception. Strong penalties should apply. Just as the military has a stricter Uniform Code of Military Justice, so there is a need for a stronger legal code governing government officials.

We the Church must become a House of Prayer

Perhaps you watched some of The Story of Fascism in Europe. It describes how Mussolini gave simple answers to complex problems. He was a master of facial gestures, public speaking, and body language. One of the slogans Mussolini repeated often was: “believe, obey, fight.” The human psyche is far more moldable than we realize. Hitler had psychology books burned, undoubtedly to ward off self-introspection. Germany, Japan, and Italy proved how easy it was to reprogram people’s thinking using army indoctrination camps, youth groups, and media propaganda that led these nations to WW2. Any inattention to what our kids are taught in school is a danger of future godless ideology. Unfortunately, it has already happened much.

The effort to install an ideology such as Fascism advances over time. “The U.S. is more accurately described as a corporate oligarchy, as the main power lies with “The Big Six,” i.e., the banking, pharmaceutical, agricultural, military-industrial complex, energy, and media industries.” Barak Obama had and still has the gift of stirring up riots – it is in his blood, as well as being a spiritually evil “gift” he possesses. You can read a bit of history titled: “Rioting For Change in the Age of Obama,” alongside this video:

Obama stirred up riots as our president encouraging the occupy wall street movement and again recently with his comments of support for protests after the death of George Floyd, specifically asking protestors to continue their protesting. Our Government bureaucracy is made up of many people who have adopted radical ideology to drive an agenda forward. There are many changes Obama instituted to prepare our nation for the rule of Hillary Clinton that was meant to crush liberty, specifically Christian liberties. That overall plan was interrupted by Donald Trump – read this article:

Obama’s Private Army: Militarizing the Federal Agencies

The website takes a while to load but gives you an idea of the magnitude of the effort to subvert our rightful government and election. The shadow government, which you have undoubtedly heard of, is made up of people who mostly hold positions in our bureaucracy, however, there are also foot soldiers that are paid for their work. This article will give you information on how George Soros funds Antifa, BLM, and other organizations through an array of NGO’s  (Non-Governmental Organizations). Antifa and BLM local leaders are taking over this role of stirring up riots.

Quotes from NC Renegade:

“Overnight in Michigan, Biden gets an infusion of 138,339 votes, but nobody else gets not one single vote, not one?”

“In Wisconsin, Trump was leading by 110k votes with 93% reporting. Now Biden is up by 20k with 95% reporting. The only way that 400k votes equals 2% is if there were 20 million votes. They are stealing Wisconsin.”

Important words from Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones on this fraudulent situation.

Quoted Letter from Archbishop Viganò:
“As devout Christians and faithful citizens of the United States of America, you have intense and heartfelt concern for the fate of your beloved country while the final results of the Presidential election are still uncertain. News of electoral fraud is multiplying, despite the shameful attempts of the mainstream media to censor the truth of the facts in order to give their candidate the advantage. There are states in which the number of votes is greater than the number of voters; others in which the mail-in vote seems to be exclusively in favor of Joe Biden; others in which the counting of ballots has been suspended for no reason or where sensational tampering has been discovered: always and only against President Donald J. Trump, always and only in favor of Biden.”

This is the time when every able-bodied Christian is needed in the work of prayer. We can’t stay isolated as Christians, which is what our spiritual enemy wants. At times my faith has become a mental feel-good exercise that ignored the realities around me, but that can’t be now. We have already experienced being under the boot of radical liberty crushing policies of a COVID one-world government. A president Kamala Harris would take that to new levels. Even though I believe God will not allow this, I must urge everyone to respond to what is happening and mobilize for prayer. There have been many news stories of witches casting spells this year, especially against the President. Most of that is not too effective, except, I believe, their curses for stirring up hatred -those have been quite evident. God expects us to take action based on the reality of what is going on around us.