Urgent Facts on COVID and the mRNA Experimental Technology

The doctors at America’s Frontline Doctors who are working to educate us on this issue are brave truth-telling people who need our prayers, as it becomes more and more evident that we are facing an evil priority demanded by some powerful people. None of us can fathom the evil agendas at work in the world, but many of us now recognize the attempt to force this experimental “vaccine” on humanity. The reason the mRNA experimental biological agents are so important to these people has yet to be revealed to us completely, but I am convinced the core reasons are evil. Many of those who promote this “vaccine” are also saturated with the belief that the world is overpopulated and needs to be depopulated – namely Bill Gates. The below video of Dr. Simone Gold is must-watch information that will lead you to want to sign the accompanying petition being done by America’s Frontline Doctors.

Here is what Moderna says about their “vaccine”:

Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.

The Invisible Civil War

Because God hides Himself from people who don’t have faith, He loves to speak through metaphors so only those who love Him out of faith are willing to understand what He is saying. Many times God speaks in word metaphors and pictures so that we must interpret what He is saying to us. This further requires our hearts to seek after Him.

I believe God’s plan for us involves us having some misunderstandings to prepare us for eternity. We see this in how Jesus purposely used metaphors to explain things that would only be understood by his disciples. We also see this in our day in how the Holy Spirit gives spoken prophetic words to people (impressions, word thoughts, mental pictures, dreams & visions). God does this so that those who may overhear the prophetic word, but whose heart doesn’t long after God will ignore it. Many times Jesus created this effect through his use of parables as demonstrated in John 6:66 – “And so from that time on many of the disciples turned their backs on Jesus and refused to be associated with him” (TPT). Many times Jesus used natural words to explain spiritual things, such as in John 6:53 when he told people His body and blood were true food and drink, it was more than many could handle, because they were not receiving his words in a spiritual way but were trying to understand them in a natural way. Remember this, even today there are things God will say prophetically that are hard to understand.

John 6:63-65 “The Holy Spirit is the one who gives life, that which is of the natural realm is of no help. The words I speak to you are Spirit and life. But there are still some of you who won’t believe.” In fact, Jesus already knew from the beginning who the skeptics were and who his traitor would be. He went on to say, “This is why I told you that no one embraces me unless the Father has given you to me.” (TPT)

I also believe the delay in the fulfillment of God’s promises has a similar effect – it is a type of misunderstanding. Without delay, people would simply extract the answer, right on time, for its own benefit, but would not embrace a longing for the one who gave the promise. Even secular people would pay close attention to God if everything was accurately fulfilled immediately. So, God allows delays to come into play because it shows Him who has a heart that is willing to hold on to Him.

Hebrews 11 gives us a hint that there will be many things that will seemingly conflict with the outcomes we are expecting from God. This faith chapter points out many who endured results that were in opposition to the eventual promises of God.

Hebrews 11:16  TPT

“But they couldn’t turn back for their hearts were fixed on what was far greater, that is, the heavenly realm! So because of this God is not ashamed in any way to be called their God, for he has prepared a heavenly city for them.”

We should not be forming our church around just our favorite doctrines but on all the teachings of the Bible. The Bible is not a catalog for our selection, but rather a living guide for our relationship with God that constantly breaths His life into us. We are commanded to be disciplined by God’s word, such that it permeates us and changes our approach to every human endeavor, from our approach to business, government, and the news media. By God’s Spirit, we have been given promises that even the arts and entertainment fields will be influenced by God’s Spirit among us. God help our children if we deceive ourselves to only want to feel good every day of our life. Because we and our children will lose the liberties that have been handed down to us. At some point, a nation must throw off underlying evil and bad policies. Each one of us must figure out what God is calling us to communicate and do regarding all kinds of issues in life from abortion to mandated face masks.

1 John 2:28  TPT

And now, dear children, remain in him, so that when he is revealed we may have joyful confidence and not be ashamed when we stand before him at his appearing.

Once an issue is finally seen as submission to the devil’s agenda, we become accountable to seeking to defeat that issue. If we refuse to do this, we lose our blessings and receive a curse in their place. Once Satan can argue in the courts of heaven that Christians are knowingly submitting to an Antichrist agenda, they will fall under spiritual curses. Are you under the authority of the Bible?  Or are you treating the Bible as if it is under your authority?

2 Tim 2:15 NKJV

Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

As an important balance to this message, the extreme opposite of submitting to a request by the government is to rebel against everything around you as an anarchists does. John Ramirez who is now a Christian testifies about joining the Santeria cult and how he was told to rebel against anything and everything around him. This is an important trigger that releases demonic satanic powers.

Psalm 19:13 implies that rebellion is easy to get caught up in because of selfish sins. The strategy of divide and conquer has been used by the elite to pit the self-interest of one people group against another leading to a war that brings about their purposes. Yet we must use wisdom to make sure our ways are not actually evil, such as taking individual revenge above and beyond what the law of our land allows or allowing our government to have agencies whose mission allows them to murder people in cold blood. Cold-blooded murder obviously releases a curse on individuals – so too government agencies.

Psalm 19:13 TPT

Keep cleansing me, God, and keep me from my secret, selfish sins; may they never rule over me! For only then will I be free from fault and remain innocent of rebellion.

Deep soul felt hatred or rebellion, by anyone, including Christians draws the demonic. Demons operate out of evil emotions coming out of human beings. You cannot participate in those things without opening a door to demonic involvement – that is just how the spirit realm works1. Don’t be ignorant of this. If we do not break deception in our lives, there will be spiritual pressures on us that we won’t understand. There are many blessings that can be stolen from us because of deception and the resulting spiritual forces that will operate on our lives personally or as a nation. Abortion is currently the core issue that is behind the greatest curses on our nation. We won’t break free as a nation until the “law” of abortion is ended. Don’t give up hope or prayers for Donald Trump, let God do the heavy lifting. He has specifically answered our day and night prayers for divine interruptions in the lives of people who have witnessed things that the world needs to know about.

1 Healing and Freedom, 2016 by Restoring The Foundations staff

God Has A Better Plan For This Situation

An ABC News Radio correspondent, Aaron Katersky, reported an internal FBI bulletin warned that nationwide protests may start later this week and extend through Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration if Congress attempts to remove POTUS early. To this, I would say to patriots: don’t be ridiculous. If the FBI leadership seems to be trying to lead you into buying a used car – run away from the deal.

Quoting from the Passion Translation Footnotes on Psalm 1:

“Psalm one is the contrast of those who follow God’s ways and those who choose their own path. Read through this psalm with the purpose of learning how to live with God in first place.”

Rather than protest the government; right now is the time to protest our own failures and the failures of our church for believing lies and being complicit with lies. You don’t need a gun for this type of protest, you need to fall on your face and cry out to God. We need to ask God to forgive us for treating our nation as an arbitrary thing, which doesn’t really matter to us. The Bible has much to say about nations. We are told in Matthew 28: 20-21 that we are responsible to disciple nations, which are made up of people. Nations should be the end product of disciple-making in the church and our families, not just collecting converts who eventually wander away. There is a level of commitment God is looking for that compels us each to prepare a highway for Jesus to receive upon his second coming. Use whatever influence you have in your profession and contacts in this world to promote the right ways of governing and righteous laws to hand down to our children.

Isaiah 40:3 NKJV

The voice of one crying in the wilderness:
“Prepare the way of the Lord;
Make straight in the desert
A highway for our God.

Our world in the absence of God is a desert where people are thirsty and every endeavor is hard – imagine being a farmer in the desert. This “highway” is a metaphor for the processes that need to be in place to make our ways of living and governing easy for people to move upon and establish trade routes of prosperity over. Our ways should be as similar to God’s ways of goodness and liberty as possible. Just as you and I seek to become as much like God as we possibly can in this world.

Our founding fathers did a fantastic job fashioning our constitution after the ways of God. Much of what they did was based on the philosophies of John Locke a great Christian theologian and philosopher. Our civil laws should make keeping God’s word and God’s ways as easy as possible. The controlling government processes of both communist and fascist governments are not the type of processes Jesus would like to have in place in the governments of our world when He returns. Mostly because they are godless, but also because they are over controlling.

Here is our battle plan:

149 Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
It’s time to sing to God a brand-new song – a  spontaneous song(bold is TPT footnote)
so that all his holy people will hear how wonderful he is!
May Israel be enthused with joy because of him,
and may the sons of Zion pour out
their joyful praises to their King.
Break forth with dancing!
Make music and sing God’s praises with the rhythm of drums!
For he enjoys his faithful lovers.
He adorns the humble with his beauty
and he loves to give them the victory.
His godly lovers triumph in the glory of God,
and their joyful praises will rise even while others sleep.
God’s high and holy praises fill their mouths,
for their shouted praises are their weapons of war!
These warring weapons will bring vengeance
on every opposing force and every resistant power—
to bind kings with chains and rulers with iron shackles.
Praise-filled warriors will enforce
the judgment-doom decreed against their enemies.
This is the glorious honor he gives to all his godly lovers.
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

Quoted from <https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm%20149&version=TPT>

We can rest in the many assuring words of the prophets that God has a better plan for this situation.

Mike Pence looks very different, post-January 6th 2021

If we live by a motto of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, and try to only think warm happy thoughts we are in jeopardy of losing our freedom and our liberty and soon our very country. Unfortunately, many churches do this. We have to be able to look around at things that are happening and read the clues God is allowing us to find. Just as God will sometimes speak in slightly obscure ways in dreams He gives you, you must be able to look at facts in life that are somewhat obscure and muster every ounce of discernment you have. The development of discernment is one of the greatest purposes of life, so you can be sure God will give us ample opportunity to develop this skill.


The last four years have seen more lago like characters emerge in Donald Trump’s inner circle than should be likely. These “lago’s” are challenging Shakespeare in the creation of real-life tragedies of betrayal – welcome Mike Pence to the stage – villain, traitor, and turncoat against our leader with a battle record we trust, our Othello. I have to assume Mr. Pence’s political career is over at this point and that he was offered something for his non-effort.

Right now the people who are speaking the truth into our country are very important. They are standing up to those who want to surround us with lies. You can expect the serpent mainstream media to twist the tragedy of Ashli Babbitt’s death for their own purposes along with their second lieutenants: Google, Facebook, and the twitter(s). I liked the recent quote in my Epoch Times weekend newspaper attributed to Aristotle: “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”

I think we live at a time when people don’t want to be bothered with information they are not accustomed to, or with knowledge about something that they’re unaware of. They’re just happy with what they’ve got and they don’t really want to hear what your concern is. Your observation in some way is offensive to them because they are satisfied with the information that they’ve already received. However, the word of God says that “my people perish for lack of knowledge.” God’s word exhorts us to continue to acquire knowledge of things, especially those things that pose a risk to the blessings and liberty God has given us.

Our rules of thumb we claim for our denominational churches have lost some of their relevance. Only God can revive our hearts and minds to true godly standards. I am at a loss for a solution to this crisis, except to urge my entire church to pray like never before and try as best I can to educate those around me. We are dependent on God moving to destroy the scam we are being asked to accept. I have a long list of truth-tellers, truth-investigators, and truth-workers I am praying for, with new names coming to my attention every day out of the independent media. Let me just give a shout out to two of those beloved truth-tellers that work so hard to keep us from being deceived in the latest deception that team Satan would bring against us:

Mike Adamshttps://www.censored.news/See his daily situation reports on NaturalNews.com (see Censored.news)
Seth Holehouse, videographerhttps://mia.news/#videosThe Plot to Steal America

The Bible says that knowledge puffs up and many times we all think we know it all. Sometimes the success of our past inhibits our openness to new knowledge. We can also easily adopt an offense from some personality in the media that hinders our willingness to hear what someone else has observed or what God is specifically telling us to do. But if we fall into this trap of not wanting to learn we are in a dangerous place. The Bible talks about loving knowledge and having a heart that seeks after life-long learning. Having a thirst to learn more, even to the point of admiring someone who would rightly rebuke us for our shortsighted misgivings makes us wiser.

Ecclesiastes 7:5 ESV
It is better for a man to hear the rebuke of the wise
than to hear the song of fools.

A song is designed to tickle the ears but many times it is designed by someone who we really shouldn’t trust.

How to Comprehend our Nations Situation – Seeing the Spiritual Disease

There is a spiritual disease that causes people to trust man more than God. Man who is easily addicted to money which is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10) is believed ahead of God who cannot lie and in whom is no darkness. Combine this with the fact that man now holds no fear of God in his heart or mind. God allows this to be for His purpose of testing the hearts of men.

Hebrews 6:18a TPT

So it is impossible for God to lie for we know that his promise and his vow will never change!

James 1:17 TPT

Every gift God freely gives us is good and perfect, streaming down from the Father of lights, who shines from the heavens with no hidden shadow or darkness and is never subject to change.

There is so much opportunity we have in our day of the internet to see how man has repeatedly attempted to cancel God’s desire for humanity. God desires everyone to have the opportunity to discover Him in an atmosphere where God’s will is not forced on them. In order to understand what is happening in our nation you must understand our recent history as seen in the documentary: JFK to 9/11 – Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick, which has been posted on Before Its News for the past month.

In history we see wealthy powerful people using the powers of darkness to throw off the ways of God. We see this effort in the build-up to major wars and the development of totalitarian governments. In particular, history shows many examples of political ambition linked up with secret societies. The results have always been bad and include both the Bolshevik revolution and the Nazi movement.1 Anyone is capable of telling a lie, but the results of governments and large networks of people telling coordinated lies are the most destructive. Here are some highlights from The Great Course titled: “The Real History of Secret Societies,” by Professor Richard Spence. He describes the atheistic Communist movement as a world-shaping order that desires to institute control in the economic order of every nation. He says:

The Bolsheviks revolution came out of the Free Mason secret society. They followed a code of conduct where the ends justified the means, which included murder and robbery. They also employed a divide and conquer strategy of infiltrating various organizations. Their methods included selective recruitment, the promise of special knowledge and status, and the demand for absolute loyalty. They were the active minority who opposed a passive majority1.

This type of infiltration has happened to both our Democrat and Republican parties. But Psalm 146 TPT can be your personal declaration of confidence in God. It says this:

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
My innermost being will praise you, Lord!

I will spend my life praising you and
singing high praises to you, my God, every day of my life!

We can never look to men for help;
no matter who they are, they can’t save us,
for even our great leaders fail and fall.
They too are just mortals who will one day die.
At death the spirits of all depart and their bodies return to dust.
In the day of their death all their projects and plans are over.

But those who hope in the Lord will be happy and pleased!
Our help comes from the God of Jacob!

You keep all your promises.
You are the Creator of heaven’s glory,
earth’s grandeur, and ocean’s greatness.

The oppressed get justice with you.
The hungry are satisfied with you.
Prisoners find their freedom with you.

You open the eyes of the blind
and you fully restore those bent over with shame.
You love those who love and honor you.

You watch over strangers and immigrants
and support the fatherless and widows.
But you subvert the plans of the ungodly.

Lord, you will reign forever!
Zion’s God will rule throughout time and eternity!
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

The global elite are the flip opposite of the beautiful traits of God declared in Psalm 146.

Professor Richard Spence shows how elite people tampered with German politics in Hitler’s day to create a reactionary movement. One tactic the global elite use, even today in our country, is to play both sides of the contest. We have seen this with presidential candidates where both sides were controlled by the globalists Bush/Gore, Bush/Kerry – both members of Skull & Bones society, and Obama/McCain. No matter who wins they have their man in. For the most horrific evils to occur the spiritual beliefs of the leaders must stay hidden behind a curtain of secrecy the public does not know about. This was true of both Hitler and Obama and others in our era.  Though we as a nation have been deceived by it, God of course never was and He bears with us through the process of coming to see it for what it is. The above documentary shows the role US industry leaders played in arming the Nazis, such as Ford and the Bush patriarch, just as Bill Gates and the tech giants are doing in our day to aid the global government agenda. The documentary also gives the history of how Nazis were recruited into our government accelerating the formation of the deep state in the United States.

There is a barrier between the natural and the supernatural world but that barrier can be broken down. In the 1960’s it was done through various psychedelic drugs. Physical things can alter the brain and create openings for spiritual manipulation. The chemicals sprayed for the last two decades at high altitudes to supposedly to treat “global warming” also have an effect on our brains. We would have a hard time quantifying all the effects of Aluminum Oxide, though many have worked at that (see Stop Spraying California).

Rick Joyner recently commented on the climate change debate stating: “Not only is debate not tolerated, but the threats made to anyone who does not wholeheartedly and unquestionably embrace this theory are a telltale sign that there is deception at the core of this theory. “

Researchers determined decades ago that trace amounts of aluminum in the brain led to Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum is also a trace element in many vaccines. They have even added trace amounts of aluminum to vitamin K shots given to new born babies. It just so happens Bill Gates is involved in both of these efforts – vaccines and financing solar blocking aerial spraying, with bigger plans in-work. Thank God for every voice that speaks up against these schemes: (Top Climatologist Slams Bill Gates ‘Terrifying’ Plan To Spray Chemicals In Stratosphere To ‘Dim the Sun’)

We can easily be tricked in the spirit realm. We can be manipulated by those entities we cannot see unless we are led by God’s word and God’s Spirit. In the 1960s many rock stars had transformative experiences after taking psychedelic drugs. Many emerged as different people. It is possible that the transsexual revolution is another example of this kind of experience. Something that changes our physical being that creates a doorway for spirit entities to influence us. This is something God has spoken to me about. God has informed us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, which is a subtle implication that changes to our physical body and chemistry may have unexpected consequences (think mRNA vaccines). It is also shocking that supposed academic experts are once again proposing the use of psychedelic drugs to treat mental illnesses, when history has shown that psychedelic drugs have caused many to become mentally ill.

I believe that when a man marries another man who has been converted to be a woman that person who’s been changed physically in appearance can be possessed by demon spirits in ways that other regular people are resistant to. The resistance to being demon possessed is something that God created into humans. Our mind, soul, and body, have a protective barrier against the demonic unless it’s been altered in certain ways or the person willingly invites demons in. In life you should look out for things that are a gross violation of God’s word. Those are the things that create pressures on us attracting us toward demonic traps. When you see politicians wanting to give children transgender drugs and recommend that they get surgeries it is a demonic priority that has been handed down to them through an unseen chain of command.

We look at these seemingly irrelevant details perhaps like Winston Churchill looked at Hitler’s hatred of the Jews – being confused because it was irrational. This was Winston Churchill’s remark after going to Germany prior to WW2 and seeing the frenzy of Jew hatred that was taking place through the government and in the media. We see the irrational nature of sin but because we can’t see into the demonic realm behind it we listen to the sentimental arguments of desperate people who feel they are the wrong sex, not seeing that it is a strategy to open a demonic portal into them. I believe this issue ties back into the push for bringing aluminum into people’s brains. The same is true of abortion, we fail to see the portal that has been opened and the demons that have been empowered by this act. We are at a critical point as a nation and Christians who think it is not relevant for us to get involved are the most deceived of all.

1. The Real History of Secret Societies, Season 1, Episodes 5 and 6

Vaccines as “Tiny Machines”

The 4400 TV series has an episode in season 4 called “Tiny Machines.” Except for the cute scene that I mentioned in yesterday’s post about Kevin and Tess, This is not an easy episode to watch as it portrays someone taken over by an evil entity. In the movie, these people are called the marked which is developed in its own episode. I see this as metaphorical for the mark of the beast. All the people who are marked work together in a global conspiracy to destroy mankind.

In real life, there has been a long and bizarre string of untimely deaths and murders over the last 20 years of doctors and scientists. It seems to me that many of these doctors and scientists could have been some threat to the road map the medical establishment is leading us along by pushing a trust in vaccines. The final vaccine, I believe, will be the mark of the beast. I believe the current mRNA vaccine being developed for COVID is the base model for that final vaccine.

The “Tiny Machine” episode brings out the idea that nanotechnology is inserted into people and then propagates inside them and takes control of them. It’s about people being slowly taken over by nanotechnology to control and compel them to do the bidding of their evil masters. The episode shows how confused people get when they’re controlled by something else that conflicts with their own mind. One of the important lines in the movie as they’re getting ready to inject Jordan Collier with this nanotechnology, he’s told: “you’re going to go to sleep and when you wake up they’ll be something inside you and in time you will come to think the same as we do.” Yesterday’s posts included the lectures by former CIA employees or contractors on the subject of vaccines and Psycho-Neurobiology.

Messenger RNA Vaccines are essentially tiny production lines or machines. Here is a nice primer for this subject of mRNA. I found various news releases on the development of nanomachines including “tiny machines” in the search. Johns Hopkins has designed tiny, microdevices that can latch onto intestinal mucosa and release drugs into the body. It just so happens that the intestines are where many emotional memories are stored. Could this technology be used in nefarious ways? Yes, I’m sure. Because of Johns Hopkins’s involvement with Event 201, I feel that caution is certainly in order. Bioengineering is going beyond the bounds where man has the wisdom and experience to tread. Here are some news releases:

Researchers engineer tiny machines that deliver medicine efficiently


Nanomachines include structures of complex proteins and nucleic acids that are powered with chemical energy and can perform directed movements. The principle is known from nature: Bacteria, for example, propel themselves forward using a flagellum.

Here is an interesting video of a naturally occurring “Tiny Machine” that will help you visualize this subject.

Scientists that believe in the creation account of the Bible reference such biological systems as evidence of design that could not have come about by time and chance.

My opinion is that the title and gist of the episode “Tiny Machines” is a prophetic hint about this cryptic thing mentioned in the Bible called the mark of the beast. Remember it is nothing for God to give a movie scriptwriter a little nudge.

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I found all my re-posted news links today at  https://www.stevequayle.com/:

Dr. Francis Boyle joins The Alex Jones Show to expose how forcing the untested lethal mRNA vaccine on the public violates a Nuremberg ruling against Nazi medical experimentation cruelty.

If you view the Bible for a moment as a super long movie script, with multiple seasons and episodes, the climax is all about Jesus, but a significant crisis in the movie is near the end dealing with Jesus’ arch enemy Satan. Satan would like for the climax of the movie to be his forceful deployment of the mark of the beast on humanity. However God…(I don’t want to wreck the movie for you – enjoy it from the Bible, especially a dramatized version.) The cool thing about God’s “movie” of history (His-Story) is that we are not just spectators, we are participants.

When it comes to our movies and popular music, I think God likes to sneak in prophetic information once in a while for those who have “ears to hear.” I have picked up on such content in the past. If you have not read my post The 4400, an Overview it is needed background for this post – actually probably tomorrows. One of my favorite episodes in Season 4 disc 3, is “Tiny Machines,” which is very related to the topic of mRNA vaccines. (Of course, it is also my favorite episode because section 8 is where Kevin and Tess realize they both love each other – (best “true love” moment of any movie, ever)!

But first, why is it important to study the history of the medical establishment? The reason, I believe is that this hierarchy has a purpose: to usher in Satan’s mark of the beast. The current mRNA experimental vaccine is the closest thing to this mark of the beast we have seen so far. I believe it is “the mark” ver. 1.0 and will integrate into future planned versions that Satan will continue to develop. Vaccines will be used to plant thoughts and urge your mind to become Satan’s follower. Consider a few of my prior post links:

Dr. Morgan, who worked for the CIA for many years says: “The new way to hide information is in DNA.”   https://twitter.com/wait_what_memes/status/1330931628097605639

I don’t think this is a video of Bill Gates briefing the CIA on the use of a vaccine to alter religious consciousness, but it is just as disturbing no matter who the person really is.

“They’ve Killed God; I Can’t Feel God; My Soul Is Dead” AstraZeneca Halts COVID-19 Vaccine Trials after Second Volunteer “Develops Neurological problems”

Like most things that Satan does he works gradually drip by drip. The moral assault on America as well as other nations throughout history has required God to intervene periodically to keep His plan of redemption from imploding. We are waiting for another of His interventions, but as His partners, we are commanded to actively push forward. But you can expect Satan to protect his future scheme, the mark of the beast, with tenacity, hoping to force the world’s allegiance. He will use every tentacle at his disposal to hold on to this planned implant described in Revelation 13:16. He would not hesitate to destroy doctors who have discovered medical cures that ruin his drug & vaccine road map to a “dead end” for humans.

Read the story of Royal Rife which will give you an introduction to the establishment’s ability to persecute and destroy those outside the thinking of the medical establishment. The Cancer Cure That Worked: 50 Years of Suppression. I purchased a used Rife machine from the widow of a doctor who used it on himself attempting to cure his cancer in 1999. This device is obviously not completely perfected yet, however, neither is it a complete hoax or a doctor would not have been treating himself with it. From what I have personally seen it works better on simpler pathogens but does not cure more complex problems. Here is an interesting bit of information that I discovered in two books. Royal Rife was honored at a banquet late in his career for his achievements and there was a banner at the banquet that read “The End of All Diseases.” Later, when I read Michael Drosnin’s book: The Bible Code, this banner phrase was one of the phrases that a certain letter skip sequence revealed. I cannot tell you what that means, but it may refer to this technology being perfected at some point. Both of these books are well worth reading.

It seems “someone’s” gun sights are on doctors that seek to expose the health degradation that comes from the ever-growing vaccine schedule. “Someone” is seeking to take down anyone who preaches against or tries to lead the world away from the need for the devil’s final vaccine.

Vaccine Whistleblower Found Dead After Saying She’d Never Commit Suicide

Here is a partial summary of dead doctors and scientists from 2004-2015. Steve Quayle has a search feature on his site I used to search for “dead doctor” & “dead scientist.” One notable case that turned up was that of Dr. Moulden:

He was reportedly about to break his silence and would be releasing new information that would be a major challenge to the vaccine business of big pharma. He was ready to come back. Even though he had been silent, he had never stopped his research. Then, two weeks later, Dr. Moulden suddenly died. Dr. Moulden was about to release a body of research and treatments, which could have destroyed the vaccine model of disease management, destroyed a major source of funding for the pharmaceutical industry, and at the same time seriously damaged the foundation of the germ theory of disease.

We must hope, pray, and act to stop the roll-out of the experimental mRNA vaccine for COVID. It is being pushed by evil forces desiring to destroy America starting with our military (think pre-invasion by China – see Mike Adams)

The United States obviously needs more safeguards and processes to balance the power of government agencies to prevent rogue enterprises and agencies from becoming a weaponized tentacle of the devil. For those who choose not to believe in the existence of the spiritual realm, I will state this need as: “to prevent deprived human nature from accepting a bribe to project evil on all humanity” – honestly, the spiritual realm is more plausible. Do you really think it is because they need more money?

More related links from https://www.stevequayle.com/:

35,000 Soldiers Died from the Experimental Anthrax Vaccine – More Than Those Who Died in Combat in Afghanistan and Iraq Combined

With the new experimental fast-tracked COVID mRNA vaccines, a type of vaccine never before introduced to the general public, vaccine awareness and hesitancy is at an all-time high, and rightfully so.

How Changing the Definition of Pandemic Altered Our World (excellent 60-minute video)

The UK Is Enlisting an “ELITE ARMY UNIT” to Monitor Vaccine “Disinformation”

Former Medic Whistleblower Exposes How the Military is Testing Experimental Vaccines on Soldiers Using them as “Lab Rats”

How do YOU Protect YOUR Children, Your Family and Yourself from Autism the ASDs and Many Other Diseases?

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The Devil’s two Biggest Priorities – Vaccines and Abortion

Preparing our Minds for Justice

A country is in danger when their ends justify the means and they are willing to institutionalize evil to accomplish something. This can happen when a country or any organization is in a desperate situation, such as the British were during World War 2, fighting for their very survival. The story of British intelligence services operative, Allister Crowley sent to the United States to try to influence us to get into the war is such an example. There were many secret occult societies1 during the 1800s and 1900s that kept the things they did hidden from everyone except their elite members. This is the danger that JFK tried to warn us about before he was assassinated.

Typically in the United States, there are few public overt ties to the occult, but that is being tested in our day. Some organizations don’t realize their tie to the demonic such as Planned Parenthood and the current Democratic party, but their hostility toward God’s ways is open. However, some organizations, such as BLM, cross that line when they begin to call out to demonic powers, covered under an outward claim they are honoring their ancestors. Believing that the ends justify the means and not understanding the spiritual realm through God’s word can lead many, including Christians to a bad place. Unfortunately, many Christians don’t understand the spirit realm they claim to believe in.

Right now is a good time for all of us to get our understanding prepared for what we will undoubtedly face. We must be able to discern between the leaders and crafters of evil and those who follow them out of misguided ideals that they are liberating oppressed people. Not everyone should be treated the same when it comes to prosecution and punishment. The followers are not the same as leaders. If we overreact with punishments across the board things can go bad for us – spiritual laws affect the realm of nations. As Johnny Cash said it:

There’s a man goin’ ’round takin’ names.
And he decides who to free and who to blame.
Everybody won’t be treated all the same.
There’ll be a golden ladder reaching down.
When the man comes around.

Without the Spirit of God in us through the work of Jesus and without inviting God into our nation and organizations we cannot find long-term peace and prosperity. The modern-day nonsense about “separation of church and state” was clearly not intended by the founding fathers. Furthermore, no public official should ever be sworn in at a private ceremony with no televised coverage – especially a president.

Matthew 24: 4-5  NASB
And Jesus answered and said to them, “See to it that no one misleads you.
For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many.”

Barack Obama was presented to us by the mainstream media as a messiah. I recall a children’s book of him in 2009 that took on a messianic tone in its words and glowing illustrations of his face.

The global elite are members of actual and de-facto secret societies. This article by Brandon Smith is a fitting summary here – thanks Steve Quayle for posting.

Referenced Information:

Obama: Lincoln is “My Favorite President”

Footnote 1. Professor Richard B. Spence in his lecture series through The Great Courses called: “The Real History of Secret Societies,” season 1, episode 17.


I so appreciate Steve Quayle of https://www.stevequayle.com/. Everything I am commenting on today was identified for me from his website. I have been blessed to have been introduced to many amazing independent news hosts. I owe Steve and the entire clan of independent news hosts so much for opening my eyes. I had to follow him “down the rabbit hole” to look at many of these issues. I have placed a footnote below identifying a video series that is free for Amazon prime members through the end of December. It is also a trip down the rabbit hole. It mentions the link between pedophilia and occult groups in episode 1, among other things.

Here is my focus today in this link Turning Humans into Remote Controlled Zombies With Vaccines for the two important videos they link.

Dr. Charles Morgan in his introduction to a lecture at West Point on the subject of Psycho-Neurobiology states that he worked for the CIA for a number of years –  remember that fact and correlate that with my post “The 1930s vs Today” where I have a link to a video of someone briefing the CIA on how a vaccine can alter religious consciousness. It is very disturbing that the CIA is considering this type of information. Dr. Morgan’s full lecture is here, however first consider an especially dangerous snip of what he said focused in the below Twitter post where he discusses how to activate information in another person’s brain. He says: “The new way to hide information is in DNA.”

We live in a new era of Man seeking to permanently alienate mankind from God by physically altering their DNA. If you don’t draw a firm line now on this subject, you and your decedents are doomed.

Footnote 1. Professor Richard B. Spence in his lecture series through The Great Courses called: “The Real History of Secret Societies” is also the author of “Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British intelligence and the occult.” In season 1, episode 17, Spencer describes the similarities of intelligence services to secret societies and retells the words of one British Intelligence agent confiding he was trained that he must not be afraid of forgery or murder. Personally, I don’t want to live down in the rabbit hole, but it was important for me to take a look. There are times in any war when you have to do unpleasant things if you want to preserve your freedoms and the future of your family. I have told my son who is 21 to keep an eye out on this issue of transhumanism because it will remain a lethal topic.

The Dirty Secrets of Politics

I have come to view Steve Quayle (https://www.stevequayle.com/) as one of the fathers of the independent media. His website has inspired my four-plus months of blogging more than any other. Here is one of his repost links:

Justice Knight – BOMBSHELL! Ferocious TX Lawsuit NO ONE SAW COMING

Politics is a very dirty business and election fraud is not a new thing, it has simply been brought to a new epic level that no one can ignore anymore. Roger Stone’s book puts together convincing evidence of a very evil American President who got into politics with voter fraud.

“Lyndon Johnson employed fraud to win the 1948 U.S. Senate race in Texas against popular Governor Coke Stevenson. Johnson told a South Texas crony who controlled some South Texas counties to keep his poll results open in case Johnson needed extra votes to win. When the vote-counting was over, Johnson did need a few more votes to win. He called his crony, a man named George Parr, and Parr ordered a local election judge to produce 200 additional votes for LBJ, which then gave Johnson the win. Many years later, the election judge confirmed that he had done this. The 200 signatures on the voter list were all in the same ink, and the names of the 200 voters were in alphabetical order. If Johnson had lost the election, he never would have become vice-president or president, which truly made him a truly illegitimate president in U.S, history,…”

Quoted from <https://www.fff.org/2020/12/01/the-mainstream-press-has-failed-america/>