Preparing for Supply Disruptions and Unplanned Repair Contingencies

In situations where you have to solve your own problems, owning tools you are comfortable with would be important. Besides the supplies you already keep for work you typically do, here are some items that might be helpful because they have such flexible use.

Self-fusing elastic silicone tape is used for wrapping something. It does not have sticky on it but fuses to itself. Silicone does not degrade easily in sunlight and resists high temperatures. You can also use it to make your own custom-length rubber bands that last for years outside. I have used white silicone tape to fix my rain gutter downspouts from coming off their clips in high winds.1 in. x 3.33 yd. Stretch and Seal Self-Fusing Silicone Tape
Rubber-coated steel twist wire which holds its place when twisted or wrapped on something is nice for holding things in place. I have also tightly wound it on a clip-on-lamp clamp base to give it super grip strength.Muddy Rubber Wire, Black, One Size  
These sheets have amazing gripping power you can use for various things. I use it for keeping my guitar from sliding around on my shirt by wrapping an elastic belt with it for wearing mid-chest. It could be used to keep someone from slipping down in a recliner chair while propped up sleeping.GUCUJI Pack of 5 Premium Non Stick Silicone Dehydrator Sheets for Fruit Dryer Mesh  

Have you Received Your COVID Not-A-Vaccine?

The purpose of the “Not-A-Vaccine” is to produce a spike protein that is a key to unlocking human cells. This is not a vaccine. Dr. Merritt believes the spike protein can be transmitted from person to person. She catalogs the spike protein as a prion (as in mad cow disease) and claims it is spreading in the population. She talks about many people complaining of bleeding recently. Theoretically, it seems it is possible that people who have not received the “vaccine” can catch the spike protein from those who have received it. In the same interview, Dr. Larry Palevsky was asked about a large number of reports of nose bleeds, especially in children.

The linked Zoom discussion below between five doctors deals with these issues:

My wife and I both experienced daily nose bleed for about a month that finally went away. Sometimes, it was just a trace of blood after sneezing several times, especially if I blew my nose several times in a row or I was taking a long hot shower. Because we both had these symptoms simultaneously, I knew it must be related to a general cause common to both of us. It seems to fit what others are now reporting and what these doctors theorize is the airborne transmission of the spike protein from the “Not-A-Vaccine” injections. I am sure everyone will eventually have some exposure to this spike protein.

Low-Cost Space Heating

Here is a nice way to heat your home office space – just heat yourself. This could become more of an issue if we get enough volcanic eruptions to cut Earth’s solar heat gain significantly.

Electric heat pads are great lap warmers, keep your feet warm on the floor, or make a nice quick foot warm-up at night jumping into bed. We use them in conjunction with the below timer.XXXL Ultra-Wide Heating Pad, Foot Warmer for Full Body, Back Pain and Cramps – Fast-Heating, Ultra-Soft Heat Therapy with 3 Settings and Auto Shut Off for Pets, Moist/Dry, Machine Washable 23″ x 24″  
Countdown timers keep us from leaving heating items on more than needed.BN-LINK [2020 New Version] Smart Digital Countdown Timer with Repeat Function Accurate Heavy Duty Small Size for Charger Vacation Security, 3 Prong Ou  
I also like using a 150-watt “No-light” infrared bulb for falling asleep at night set on a timer.Fluker’s Repta-Clamp Lamp with Switch for Reptiles   Simple Deluxe 150W 2-Pack Ceramic Heat Emitter Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb No Light Emitting Brooder Coop Heater for Amphibian Pet & Incubating Chicken

Urgent Prayer Needed for an End to Mask Mandates and to Stop Vaccine Passports

Because we live in a governmental culture of accepted lying, as so vividly documented by the Russia collusion hoax, I have to believe that the COVID engineered flu has already run its course and that the small remaining statistics of COVID deaths are mostly background noise coming from a system that double reports the cause of death to continue promoting the mRNA injections.

See COVID graphs at

I would further think it likely that any future third wave of COVID may relate mostly to the predictions of immune system problems we have been warned about by scientist Michael Yeadon, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, and many others. Various government agencies seem to be waging a war on our nation. Today’s announcement by President Biden indicates he would like mask-wearing to mainly be thought of as a punishment for those who have not been vaccinated despite the COVID death rate being lower than before masks were ever required. Many doctors have declared that masks give no value to slowing the spread of the virus and may harm people by cutting down oxygen levels, but the prolonged psychological effect that masks have is real. Consider this quote from a National Institute of Health public medical document, which is a surprise they would publish this:

“…theoretical evidence suggests that there may be consequential psychological impacts of mask wearing on the basic psychological needs of competence, autonomy, and relatedness. These psychological impacts may contribute to the controversy associated with wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.”

We have experienced top-down directives to wear masks in the absence of detailed scientific analysis of the mechanism by which flimsy fitting masks protect people from something microscopic. Demanding a policy that causes psychological damage would take some strong justification published on paper to justify. But instead, we simply have a top-down directive another three-letter agency has recommended, which Left-wing leaders are all too eager to enforce. Many things our leaders are pushing do not make sense unless you know their real agenda. The real agenda of course is secret, all we know is that they hate God and people who love their country.

The history of forced mask-wearing to punish people began with a device called a “Scolds Bridle” – a legal remedy to unwanted speech. The below link cites historic detail that King James VI of Scotland legalized this device influenced by his fear of witches – i.e., spoken curses. Note how fear was the impulse that promoted this decision, as it is today.

The bridled woman was really an outspoken woman and it took a brave one to incur the punishment for being so. This made the bridle a very effective means of social control. Her fate was to be dragged through the streets in the bridle as it shook about on her head; often with her jaw broken, spitting out teeth, blood and vomit and receiving all forms of abuse.

What is going on in our nation has been well planned using psychology as a tool. Do we listen to trusted leaders like Rand Paul and all the trustworthy medical doctors saying that masks are at best theatrics, or do we continue to respect a person like Anthony Fauci? Dr. Fauci and the CDC have been given the ability to adjust the settings on the black box of public policy as needed to guide public opinion so that people will get the mRNA injections. I remind you of the testimony we were given on him early in this crisis – see Plandemic video, Pandemic 2 video, and the Jeremiah Johnson’s Rat Dream).

Are you unwittingly supporting a hidden agenda to radically transform America? Crises are the mechanism for producing radical change and are cherished by the Left to lead people toward a hidden agenda. Our neighbors will only investigate these things for themselves when they see our willingness to resist crazy orders that harm our children and our nation. The small fellowship prayer group is the answer to churches being too divided or under too much financial pressure to handle subjects like this. We must talk openly and pray openly about these issues without experiencing conflict with a larger group of church members who see them differently.

At the bottom of the Plandemic website, a public health roundtable video convened by Governor Desantis of Florida gives some especially important background to mistakes we have made with the pandemic. Also, If you were trying to decide on one person to hang your anti-mRNA convictions on, I think it would be Dr. Michael Yeadon who spent 32 years as one of Pfizer’s top science researchers. He has warned us of bad things that could happen to people who take the mRNA jab and has said: “There is “no possibility” current variants of COVID-19 will escape immunity. It is “just a lie.” Doctor Yeadon believes there is a “political” conspiracy at work. Who are you going to trust?

Lastly, for the sheer joy of witnessing a true daughter of God stand up and speak the truth, I give you Leigh Dundas: Today she represents everyone we intercessors are pouring out our prayers of blessing and protection for:

I will Start Throwing Some of These Prepper Posts on my Blog; Category = DIY

Being a prepper to the level the Red Cross recommends is just being responsible. If you view food storage preparation as a type of insurance policy you simply create a limited budget for that and try to buy food you really do like to eat that you store in a cool place. Try not to buy moist foods and water in plastics as many of them leach plastics into the food over long periods of time (especially avoid oils in plastic). You can also add to that plan by developing your skills in living off the land. Learning to cook edible plants that grow in the wild in your area is an important part of your crisis insurance portfolio. You hope you don’t have to use it but you own the knowledge and have practiced it at least once.

Search the web for edible plants in your area. Here was a great site for California that included recipes:

Foraging Guide Wild Edible Plants in Southern California

A Moral Vacuum is a bad Foundation From Which Technologically is Allowed to Lead

Only God can reestablish the United States in a good place at this point. Darkness has covered the earth (Isaiah 60:2), but it is one thing to witness evil covering the earth where people still have the choice to disagree and entirely a different thing to consider what I am going to now describe.

Consider the common thread to the following events:

There are many things that are related to our brain health and seem to be part of a plan Satan has. I believe at some point there is a planned singularity event that would change everything. The technologies that are coming into place to tie our minds to computers and the internet, inject us with messenger RNA “Software Updates,” and radiate us with 5G microwave energy will combine to attempt to connect our brains to evil influences. Furthermore, none of us really understands the full significance of the created complexity of sex, but we have to wonder if the devil is trying to bring about a satanic takeover of human minds through all these means.

Consider this:

Lux Botics is taking sex robots one step further – by offering a clone of dead partners using state-of-the-art three-dimensional modeling.

The book of Revelation details the conflict independent nations will have with the kingdom of the Antichrist. So, just as we know from the Bible that Satan wants a one-world government, but won’t pull it off completely, so I believe the same thing applies to his attempt to hijack people’s brains. He will have some successes, but will not be able to pull off his desired singularity event. We know from the Bible that deception and false prophets will increase in the end times, which having your brain hacked would lead to. People will think they are hearing God’s voice, but will actually be hearing the voices of evil spirits. If they fail to compare what they heard or sensed with the Bible they can be deceived. But making yourself aware of this plot means you have the opportunity to partner with God, in this matter.

Just as World War 2 was described as “total war” so today we are also facing a war from many directions to break down the defensive nature of people and nations. The USA was the key nation holding evil in check during the 20th century, but this assignment is being stolen. Jesus left us with a commission to disciple nations – the many people that run those nations. People who lead nations are super important to the whole world. Those right now pursuing the destruction of nations would love to tear up our constitution as much as they want to tear up the Bible. This is because its First Amendment was meant to keep the government out of the church, not the other way around. Because the greatest need of the hour is for government to be transformed by the Spirit of Jesus. Not transformed by a particular human-led church organization, but to be enlightened and transformed by God Himself. If this does not happen a moral void will suck us into a historical implosion without equal from mistakes most people were unaware we were making. We tap into God’s wisdom to help us fight against the unseen spirit realm of evil that has captured many nations. Most of the time we reference scripture to cite these principles of wisdom, which men aligned with evil purposely take offense at.

Right now every clause of the First Amendment, the highest law of the land, is being broken in some way by commission or omission. The First Amendment says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Link.

Like any historical document the constitution must be read in the light of the period of history in which it was written. Thus we could rightly paraphrase the First Amendment as Congress shall not establish any particular denomination as the state-sanctioned religion, such as the Church of England, where a person could be tortured to death for declaring something that differed with the religion of the state. The government shall not constrain religious doctrine in general for the sake of establishing a measure of correctness. The government shall not constrain freedom of speech for the sake of establishing correctness or constrain the work of journalism for the sake of establishing correctness or constrain people from peaceably assembling, again to prevent them from controlling people’s thoughts and voice, because the end result would be the loss of the ability to redress a grievance and self-correct our government. A note for our day: Nor shall congress stand aside and refrain from acting while powerful tech giants and NGOs accomplish the same things 18th-century man thought could only be imposed by the government.

Google Drive blocks access to document that compiled news coverage of COVID vaccine side effects

The approaching of a singularity event is the threat of mass demonic possession. The only thing that will stop it is a friendship with God that leads you day by day to understand His ways and His purpose for things like sex, marriage, churches, and nations. The last word is this: take courage, God likes to flip the tables on Satan, just when the devil’s plans look unstoppable.

Those With an Evil Heart Want to Run Things Right Now

We are telling people the good news of Jesus’ coming kingdom because the kingdoms of this earth right now are so awful there isn’t much hope left. Thankfully, the rubbish we are being fed that a global economic collapse is needed to bring about a one-world communist government that will straighten things out does not have to be swallowed. We are letting you know in no uncertain terms that Jesus himself, the one who was crucified on the cross 2000 years ago and rose from the dead will come back in person to rule over the entire world. He alone has the wisdom and love for humanity to make everything right. We are His followers and constituents, so to speak, and until He gets here we represent Him on the earth.

We got to the place where we are today because we ignored good people who are telling us the truth and we listened to bad people who passed on fabricated lies. The good people included many types of people in many professions. It included politicians like Congressman Devin Nunez and Senator Rand Paul. It has included Dr. Alan Keyes for many decades now. It included independent media people (see and people developing organic and Non-GMO food products. It included doctors like Dr. Simone Gold and Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, it included lawyers like Robert F Kennedy Jr., Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood. It included scientists like Judy Mikovits and the thousands who have signed the Great Barrington Declaration. Finally, we have actors like Jim Caviezel teaming up with nonprofit organizations like Operation Underground Railroad that are fighting the most powerful evil entities on the planet. Here is a must-watch interview regarding the Sound of Freedom movie for which a movie trailer is available:

The Independent Media has been faithful to present us dialogues about real issues, but unfortunately, people favor personalities that seem likable over substance. Those personalities were lying to us because they represented the agenda of the organizations they served. So now we’re a little farther down the road toward their ultimate goal. Defeating this satanic pedophile ring of globalists that want to seduce you into a one-world government run by blackmailed sex offenders must be done. At this late point, we will need help from God’s creative mind to enable us to survive what they are willing to do to us to keep from being exposed and we will have to do more with less for a period of time to develop these ideas. We are now facing certain food shortages so we might want to have a backup plan to cook food that is more available in our local area. Christian Westbrook at the Ice Age Farmer has labored to keep us informed on this issue. Also, consider this report:

“Despite all of our advanced technology, farmers can’t grow crops if it doesn’t rain, and a farmer in Texas named Blake Fennell says that his farm has not had any significant rain in almost two years… ‘We’ve still got to give that crop every chance we think we can get, but at the same time, we also can’t waste a lot of money on a crop that we don’t think we’re going to have going into it,’ he says.”

Two weed-like plants that grow along the roads and creeks in our area are mustard greens and stinging nettle. I have cooked both and they are a bit strong for my taste, however, we are going to have to learn how to make this type of food taste good (by the way, mustard greens are packed with vitamins). We have always had more than enough because independent people were making good food and products for us. But for the short term that equation has been changed.

People have to see the result of their actions before they will change. We have allowed many things to come about because we didn’t want to see the result of our actions, we just wanted to enjoy ourselves. Unless we can get past lukewarm attitudes of “live and let live,” we are doomed. People want to be “cool” and popular, thank God that’s not the way Jesus thought. Stay tuned for 30 April and I will start a series of posts that will have some practical ideas to help you survive the remainder of this year. But the greatest survival tool will be knowing Jesus and hearing His voice in your spirit.

New Type of Blog Post Coming 30 April, Creative Solutions Part-2

I am hoping we as independent people can be infused by God to support each other through creative ideas and economic activity. I am praying we all will now emerge to help stop the top-down drive for an economic collapse. We will need entrepreneurs that help us do more with less. Some of these businesses may be involved with health, energy, construction, or anything that functions like a tool to help us build something. Exercising creativity can literally pull depressive forces off you.

We cannot see the effects of government tinkering with the economy much in advance. That is doubly true of tinkering with the family unit and many more times true of tinkering with the make-up of man and woman genetically or emotionally from the design God gave us. Hopefully, many states and counties will come alongside small businesses to offset new federal across-the-board mandates, such as the $15 proposed minimum wage, that doesn’t take into account the local cost of living and many other factors. It would be wonderful to see churches watching out for and encouraging small businesses also. 

Dr. Robert Bilder, a psychiatry and psychology professor said:

“The truly creative changes and the big shifts occur right at the edge of chaos.”

I find that statement fitting to this time where God will show his greatness over the desperately evil efforts of Satan. Satan has thrown the first punch, a sucker punch, against people made in the image of God. But now Jesus steps out in the street to see his little sister and brother bloodied up a bit, but what you will mostly notice is a sudden look of fear that comes on Satan’s face. Now it’s time for Jesus to do business and save our nation from destruction. His people will learn to follow His lead. He will make us both shrewd and creative. He will give us what we need to stop the planned economic collapse from ushering in a one-world government.

I am now ready to shift my efforts into a creative mode. To do that I need to write down some practical and creative self-help ideas I am willing to share to help with the effects of the planned economic collapse. I will shoot to start these at the end of April.

New Forms of Tyranny are Arising

Just as our founding fathers had to look around them at the power governments had and recognize that one person who held all the power – executive, lawmaking, and judicial, could make things go very badly if that person was a tyrant, so we too have to recognize that large businesses can turn against us because of a difference in our ideological beliefs. They can censor books, control our freedom, and even ban us from buying and selling if we allow our nation to slip off the legal foundation of the constitution. The far left has its sights on a CCP style social credit system being implemented in the USA and worldwide. The fake crisis they have “responded” to is their justification, but the agenda to create this type of society was in their hearts before the crisis was here. May God give us undeniable proof that they engineered the crisis in the first place. Here is an update from the California Health Coalition Advocacy (CHCA) on what our state’s public health department is doing to promote vaccine passports:

Quote from a recent email

“The state, through the CDPH’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy, is incentivizing businesses to require guests to show test results or proof of full vaccination. Starting on April 15, 2021, the businesses and events that are targeted by the new criteria include Private Events (meetings, receptions, conferences), Indoor Seated Live Events and Performances, Family Entertainment Centers, Outdoor Live Events with Assigned Seats, and Controlled Mixing (e.g., sports and live performances), Fairs, and Amusement Parks.”

May God liberate people to understand that we are under a conspiracy of attacks whose goal is to destroy our nation. Because the United States of America has so far blocked the goal of establishing a one-world government, the one thing Satan wants more than anything, thus we fall under his microscope of hatred and desired destruction.

I thank God for Mike Adams who is someone who works to break lies and deception afflicting us. Here is an important documentary that is one more data point about the era we live in that is approaching a breaking point. Most people assume that government agencies exist to protect us (EPA, CIA, FBI, FDA, …) but the evidence points to this assumption being one of the greatest fallacies we have ever fallen into.

Quote from

“If all someone does to support their arguments is to appeal to a figure of authority, and without providing sufficient evidence that the authorities are correct, it quickly becomes fallacious.”

***** Watch the documentary “Biosludged”  here at and stay updated on further documentaries coming out by giving them your email address.

Updated information on what bio sludge is doing to our environment including the spread of coronavirus at this website.

Important Video: Stopworldcontrol featuring Dr. Carrie Madej

Creative Solutions Part-1

In the final episode of the TV series The Prisoner, the man known as # 6 is taken to a trial, however, his testimony is drowned out by the jury who is chanting loudly. The front row of the jury had desktop plaques identifying them as representing: Education, Entertainment, Recreation, and other influential spheres of influence. They are in the front row chanting so loudly that the individual man (#6) cannot be heard and share his thoughts. This is a huge strategy in the era we live in that popular Tech Giants and mainstream media companies enforce. The dominance of video media, in general, has taught people to appreciate personality over substance.

I was in a group meeting 10 years ago when the late prophet Paul Cain told us that God had revealed to him that there was a worldwide pedophile ring at the highest levels of government around the world. This piece of information began my quest to find out what journalistic researchers knew about this issue. I knew this issue would be a powerful controlling force over politicians who could be blackmailed and then be willing to help Satan set up his one-world government. Satan’s political ambitions won’t obviously be won by fair elections, but by every foul means he can craft using crises such as school shootings and using deception in politics or religion. Thus enter Event 201, COVID 2020, divide and conquer race riots, and the lock down-cover your face psychological operation. This takeover requires acute crises to justify the extreme policies they desire, specifically the mandatory issuing of a so-called “vaccine” that begins the notion that man can be altered as needed. The plan culminates in global dictatorial communism, brought into being by a collapse of free markets.

This is the progression our leftist leaders are planning – I’m writing from California where they won’t be announcing the end of mask mandates or ending church restrictions anytime soon. We have been told prophetically that the globalists led by the CCP, UN, WHO, and WEF  will achieve this global economic collapse – I refer you to pastor Dana Coverstone who had a dream about a future month of December where the Baltic Dry index (trade index) was zero. Likewise, the prophet James Goll discusses a planned economic collapse at the 6:25 minute/second mark of this linked interview. He also said that “fear paralyzes but faith propels.” Fear is the mechanism being used to elevate the “pandemic”  and necessitate the so-called vaccine. But we God’s people are called to use the power of faith to propel us to a place where we will be prepared to help people during what Dutch Sheets has called operation redeem-all. He mentions that our King needs our agreement and our alignment with Him to carry out this operation. One way to agree with God and line yourself up with Him is to begin planning a project or ministry that God will help you conceive, that is uniquely matched with your gifting and calling. Ask God to show you this. Let God’s Spirit infuse you with ideas to help solve this coming economic collapse. So, instead of us just pursuing the next big advertised gizmo, we can create some products that will be especially needed during this coming crisis.

What innovative products can we offer that will give our nation a better future? Satan wants to keep us dazed by what is going on around us and keep us from being the hands and feet of Jesus. If you are interested in being a creative solution provider in this era of unfair big retail providers and Big Tech advantages begin to ask God for ideas on how to solve problems you see. Sometimes I will go out to my very warm car at home and just think about how to solve problems (what’s happening, what’s not happening, and what can I do about it) and ask God for solutions. Below Dutch gives a great devotional encouraging you to seek being overshadowed by God and by that act invested with supernatural influence.