Reverse Engineering

“Reverse engineering, also called back engineering, is the process by which a man-made object is deconstructed to reveal its designs, architecture, or to extract knowledge from the object; similar to scientific research, the only difference being that scientific research is about a natural phenomenon.”

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We have no time to waist in reverse engineering the information coming out of our black boxes. We must be capable of looking at many things reported in the news or alleged by “fact checkers” and ask ourselves if what we are seeing feels true, or if it seems so wide spread or unlikely that it appears to be engineered by a group effort. Attorney generals across our country present evidence in court on a daily basis to prove a “conspiracy to commit …fraud, murder, … etc.”

A critical prayer right now is for God to help, protect, and give wisdom to law enforcement at every level in our country, but in particular the Department of Justice.

What does the DOJ do in it’s daily work, consider a typical recent example that spanned a half decade in scope:

The DOJ recently alleged a Chicken Price-Fixing Conspiracy against four company executives. They affirmed their resolve to prosecute those who cheat American consumers, and compromise the integrity of our food supply. However, the DOJ must always evaluate if a Plaintiffs’ accusations are reasonable. They must decide if a proposed conspiracy is conjured up for political or personal gain. The DOJ takes accusations of false testimony very seriously and many times must recommend to the court to deny a plaintiff’s claim as baseless.

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Consider a second example:

“MADISON, Wis. – Attorney General Josh Kaul joined a 44-state coalition in announcing a lawsuit against 20 of the nation’s largest generic drug manufacturers alleging a conspiracy to manipulate prices, reduce competition and unreasonably restrain trade for more than 100 different generic drugs.”

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If generic drug makers who have an inherently low profit margin are tempted to manipulate their market, imagine the temptations facing companies who hold the sole rights to profit on a drug or vaccine. We have created a self perpetuating “beast” system inside our government for regulators to help do just that. There is a revolving door between drug company executives and FDA administrators that perpetuates this system – with the help of the mainstream media who are paid heavily to advertise their products.

Search for testimony from Robert F Kennedy Jr on this subject, but do not use Google to do that research, try using DuckDuckGo1. As a quick primer to get started learning how to reverse engineer a subject, watch this discussion between Mike Adams and Del Bigtree. They have been doing this for awhile:

I believe fear is being used as a force to shape our society. Despite all the talk of increased cases, it seems a real pandemic would be far worse. There are many desiring to manipulate our society who will not want to let go of this power easily.

1. You can also use DuckDuckGo to look for another search engine you can trust – this is just how bad things have gotten. (Test for yourself, compare a Google search with a DuckDuckGo search for any hot button person or issue).

The Realm of Truth Suffers Violence

There is a very peculiar verse in the Bible that says:

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force” (Matthew 11:12, NKJV).

I’m sure this verse applies to many in our day, as it did John the Baptist, but I want to show you how it is applicable to a very specific sector: the Independent Media. As a group they are God fearing Christians who actively seek to break deception in the news media sphere, that is now dominated by the main stream media. They are a type of John the Baptist, heralding an important message to wake up a generation. Their message is opposed by policies called “community standards” that allow tech giants to control the news narrative as well as policies of the health care establishment and educational establishments.

Since the kingdom of darkness reigns mainly through deception people who are truth-tellers and who bring testimonies to light find themselves in “violent” verbal battles. Exposing the works of darkness that supposedly upright and impressive people are working toward is a “violent” profession.

I believe we owe the independent media far more than we realize. Yet they are ignored by most main stream Christians. The independent media is the tip of the spear bringing the kingdom of heaven more fully upon the earth by functioning as a deception-buster. I am also seeing the Calvary Chapel denomination rising up in this area – thank God. I have never attended a Calvary Chapel, but they are very much in my prayers right now.

If you look at the field the independent media operates on, you see the “violent” side of this business, because they are opposed so ferociously by worldly systems. The mainstream media constantly works to blind people by hiding truth and speaking half truths. The time has come for Christians to pick a particular truth teller that they enjoy and to support them on a monthly basis.

Consider the chorus of Hillsong’s “Best Friends”:

All of my best friends
Are sick of pretending
We want the truth
So much is missing
So give us the real thing
I know it’s You
[… it’s Jesus we long for]

Pray for a deep hunger for truth, especially for our Millennial’s and generation Z.

Finally take your place in this battle.


Is the Corona virus a planned epidemic with an agenda, as many have questioned? The video titled “Plandemic” opens this conversation. Using the search engine: DuckDuckGo which does not maintain a database on your search habits, I found the website, which someone set up solely to make this important video available and keep it from being censored. “Plandemic” has been taken down from major social media sites, nor could I find it searching on Google.com1. Judy Mikovits is the subject of the interview and her story is very important to understand, as is the testimony of Robert F Kennedy Jr., doing legal work to help those who have suffered from vaccine injury2.

The DuckDuckGo search engine turned up the website as the first result listed. For the type of research I do, an unbiased search engine makes it possible. In the era that we have been born into we must assume responsibility for many things. Our compliance with the agenda of others will make us a part of the problem or we can choose to be part of transformation that God is calling us to produce.

I always encourage people to be honorable in what they speak and write, because, by speaking honorably it helps you become an honorable person (I learned this from the writings of Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, and Danny Silk). When we slip into anger we are getting close to the emotion of hatred and hatred is the language of demons.

At the end of her interview, you are overwhelmed by her courage and humility in confessing how easy it is to be misled according to how we have all been indoctrinated. She has all the markings of someone who’s life story is for our benefit. To me she is a biblical “Joseph” who has been shot at with arrows of speech and put in prison for a period of time, only to emerge as a leader who’s voice carries and important worldwide warning.


End Notes:

  1. As you may know Google did search engine work for the Chinese Communist Party called dragonfly that produces a social credit score for every person in their country. You are require to carry a smart phone in China and your phone displays a QR code that can be scanned that has information on you that authorities can evaluate if they detain you. The QR code is either green or red. If it is red you are not allowed to travel.
  2. Prayer:  Lord God, thank you for such people, who have taken their time to protect us and give us information we need to evaluate. We ask you to bless them and keep watch over them.

We can be Ministers of Prayer

I spend a significant amount of time reading important news, which is something God gave me to do several years ago as well as praying for leaders, which I do during my “news hour.” I believe important news stories are important to pray over. Many times I only review 20 percent of the article, skipping the intro, but just being aware that there is an issue has helped me pray. I believe God is calling particular people and churches to spearhead different issues for the church at large, please pray for the two pastors linked below. We have been praying that God would raise up witnesses from diverse places and they have been streaming to the national spotlight in recent weeks.

Pastor “JD” Farag addresses the mask mandates as it relates to both their ineffectiveness and prophetic significance.

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Church Will Fight Ventura County Threat to Shut it Down – Pastor Rob McCoy

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