Operation Redeem-All — Video

When Government policy and law-making appear ridiculous there is actually a purpose behind it, but you are not being told what that purpose is. A band of politicians both Democrats and some Republicans have been set in place that are commissioned to transform America from a constitutional republic to a combined Communist and Fascist controlled state. This extreme left/tech giant despot1 club will then try to lead the world into global communism.

This secret alliance is now pushing extreme measures to accomplish their goal, not only seeking vengeance on their rivals but hoping to obliterate them as political competition. Except for God and His promises, free liberty-loving people would feel lost.

It’s time for us to shift from trying to protect the idea of America through influencing people’s politics to becoming conduits for God to touch people’s spirits directly. We will continue to teach this generation the foundations of liberty from the Bible and hopefully grow in our understanding of the U.S. constitution2 but it is time to follow the directions God is giving in this matter. In order for the New World Order Global Communist regime to work it requires people who submit without thinking –  that’s what mask mandates are training for.

One of the battlefronts to continue pushing back on are the experimental mRNA injections that this cabal is pushing beyond reason. Our protests against vaccine mandates have been rejected here in California, but we will never surrender. We now lift our faces to heaven and bring our cries before God on these matters. January 21st, the day after the inauguration, Greg Hood, a friend of Dutch Sheets had a dream that Dutch shares in the video below about the operation God is calling His church to. Dutch says that our God and King needs our agreement and us aligning our wills with His to activate His assault. Dutch also says that God has rebirthed the appeal.

The Tree Flag (or the Appeal to Heaven Flag) was one of the flags used during the American Revolution.

Don’t miss a behind the spiritual-scene glimpse from Kat Kerr:

If you have some time this 1 hour 9-minute video is deep teaching on prayer by Bill Johnson.

The story of the Syrian King whose plans against Israel are affected by the man of God hearing things in the Spirit that disrupted enemy plans is found in 2 Kings 6. God knows in advance what evil spirits and evil people intend to do. He used Elisha to prevented disaster. Bill Johnson discusses this at the 48-minute point where he exhorts us that there is a level of prayerfulness where we can prevent a disaster that is in the making. When we see what’s possible by our view of God. God gave us prophets and apostles for our strategic guidance, not for denominational divisions. Take advantage of the words God gave them for the Church.

  1. Quoted from Wikipedia Despotism is a form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power. Normally, that entity is an individual, as in an autocracy, but societies that limit respect and power to specific groups have also been called despotic.” Wikipedia

2. Understanding the constitution is something many are now seeking to promote – Rick Joyner, Andrew Wommack Ministries, and David Barton. David Barton’s Constitution Alive video series is available on Amazon Prime.