The 4400, an Overview

One question I had about “The 4400” was whether it was consciously created as an allegory about the faithful witnesses for Jesus in Revelation or whether the prophetic elements of the movie were unconscious. The 4400 experience persecution just as Christians do today. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the 4400 and the media covers them relentlessly, just as with the church (S1 E3). Both the Mainstream media and most of the government are a threat to the 4400, as we have seen more of in our day.

To me, this series is a prophetic statement of the currently developing clash between God’s people, the 4400, and the world. The overall focus of the movie prophetically is that special gifts have been given these people in order to prevent the world from going into terrible destruction and how those gifts and people multiply. There are also evil elite people, “the marked,” that steer the world toward a catastrophic end.

The CEO of the largest software company in the world and the head of the Intelligence Services are identified out of this group of 10. There is one more identified, he is a cardinal who ranked 3rd in the Pope voting.  Pope John held that office when the series started in 2004, then came Pope Benedict and now Francis – this is my related observation. What is going on in the Democratic party and with certain former and current intelligence agency leaders is not so much politics as it is a demonic battle that we can’t fully comprehend or see.

Each episode begins with Jordan Collier (JC) making the statement – “the world will have to deal with us.” The metaphors of Jordan being like Jesus come and go, mixed in with lots of “Hollywood” elements. You can hear it in the conversations between Sean and Jordan in Season 4 as if a healing revivalist has gotten a little off course and is arguing with Jesus. Sean is looking for methods to make things safer and JC is looking for the eternal results of people living out their faith where unfortunately half die spiritually in the process.

The contrast between good and evil is intense, because the evil elite want to destroy humanity to the same degree demons want to destroy us. We know that evil is growing and will get more desperate in the last days, but so will the gifting of God to counter the works of the devil. One of the gifts shown in the last episode is the ability to transport from one place to another place. This happened to the apostle Philip (Acts 8:39) when he left the Ethiopian after baptizing him.

In the last episode closing scene, there is a glimpse into the Millennial kingdom, the next age to come. The girl who has a prophetic gift, Maia, tells her mom, Diana: “I told you he [JC] was good.” Jordan Collier has completely taken over Seattle as the ruler and will rule the country from there and deal with the evil elite throughout the world.  Diana describes JC’s rule as a dictatorship and then Maia says: “We’re in charge now, it’s better that way – you’ll see.” The millennial kingdom will be Jesus Christ ruling over the entire world – He will be the monarch and ruler of the world. Jesus will not run for office, He will simply take back what is rightfully His.

Other interesting episode titles related to the Bible include:

Suffer The Children   (…to come unto me and forbid them not for such is the kingdom of God)

Terrible Swift Sword  (Isaiah 27:1)

Till We Have Built Jerusalem

Trial By Fire  (tried with fire is in 1 Peter 4:12)

Weight Of The World  (… the weight of the world’s sin pressed down upon Jesus)