New Forms of Tyranny are Arising

Just as our founding fathers had to look around them at the power governments had and recognize that one person who held all the power – executive, lawmaking, and judicial, could make things go very badly if that person was a tyrant, so we too have to recognize that large businesses can turn against us because of a difference in our ideological beliefs. They can censor books, control our freedom, and even ban us from buying and selling if we allow our nation to slip off the legal foundation of the constitution. The far left has its sights on a CCP style social credit system being implemented in the USA and worldwide. The fake crisis they have “responded” to is their justification, but the agenda to create this type of society was in their hearts before the crisis was here. May God give us undeniable proof that they engineered the crisis in the first place. Here is an update from the California Health Coalition Advocacy (CHCA) on what our state’s public health department is doing to promote vaccine passports:

Quote from a recent email

“The state, through the CDPH’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy, is incentivizing businesses to require guests to show test results or proof of full vaccination. Starting on April 15, 2021, the businesses and events that are targeted by the new criteria include Private Events (meetings, receptions, conferences), Indoor Seated Live Events and Performances, Family Entertainment Centers, Outdoor Live Events with Assigned Seats, and Controlled Mixing (e.g., sports and live performances), Fairs, and Amusement Parks.”

May God liberate people to understand that we are under a conspiracy of attacks whose goal is to destroy our nation. Because the United States of America has so far blocked the goal of establishing a one-world government, the one thing Satan wants more than anything, thus we fall under his microscope of hatred and desired destruction.

I thank God for Mike Adams who is someone who works to break lies and deception afflicting us. Here is an important documentary that is one more data point about the era we live in that is approaching a breaking point. Most people assume that government agencies exist to protect us (EPA, CIA, FBI, FDA, …) but the evidence points to this assumption being one of the greatest fallacies we have ever fallen into.

Quote from

“If all someone does to support their arguments is to appeal to a figure of authority, and without providing sufficient evidence that the authorities are correct, it quickly becomes fallacious.”

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Updated information on what bio sludge is doing to our environment including the spread of coronavirus at this website.

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