Nefarious Control Campaigns

Let’s start with some satire to make this easier to swallow.

How To Be More Obedient

If you want to sniff out top down evil campaigns look for the catchy smear labels that the mainstream media uses. I believe the mainstream media and tech giants are the greatest force of evil in our country. They are gifted at crafting labels designed to win campaigns.

  • AntiVaxer
  • Conspiracy theorist
  • Anti-abortion activist

Also look for the things that demons want such as:

  • A human sacrifice of an innocent person
  • Turning you into a cyborg for their control using modifications to the design of the human body.
  • Maintaining self-acting leadership in agencies that have ties with Communism, Islam, or spiritual elements that are tied to secret societies or even way back to operation paperclip after WW2.

James Corbett of the presents a video packed with facts on how the lockdowns cause poverty, food insecurity, and death:

Some satire of my own:
When the Anti-Christ calls you on the phone and asks you to shut your church, don’t say “yes sir, we’ll do that right away.” That is essentially what has happened.  Of course, the Antichrist won’t call you directly, he will be too busy attending meetings at the World Economic Forum. He will go through the medical establishment chain of command down to your local health department. The people who run medical licensing boards who threaten doctors every day with financial ruin through de-licensing them for providing proven treatments such as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) need to be removed and the system of licensing completely redone. Of course in all seriousness, there really could be a pandemic that was so deadly that we would need to close our churches for a period of time – but this is not that.

Finally some news on the greatest threat to the world right now – the vaccine from hell. Even if all the promoters, manufacturers, and supporting politicians took this vaccine first, I would not. I get the same feeling about this vaccine as I did about Obamacare. When it was handed out to Congress they were told they should just vote for it without reading it. This RNA vaccine is far more complicated than the rushed through11,000-page Affordable Care Act, and concern about it should be far greater.

Hal Turner:
“This new COVID-19 vaccine is nothing like the old.   This new vaccine contains “messenger RNA”  Ribonucleic-acid; a base level of Deoxy-ribonucleic-acid (DNA). It “programs” the human into whom it is injected so that human’s DNA triggers a response to what would be COVID-19. The trouble is, scientists don’t know exactly what ELSE this RNA might “program” once it is let loose inside a human! It might start re-programming OTHER aspects of human DNA.   In a horrifying possibility, once unleashed, these “messenger RNA” particles could turn someone from human into . . . . not human! There’s no way to tell. Worse, there’s no way to UNDO what this messenger RNA does.  The changes are permanent and cannot be undone.”

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If you still need something to help you visualize this find a zombie movie to watch.