More Comparisons from the Perfect Storm of the 1930’s to Today

Radical movements rely on radical indoctrination. We are all affected by indoctrination, both good and bad. Organizations such as the Church of Satan, as well as the Islamic religion codify the right to use deception as a rightful means of managing communication with those not in their group. Both of these groups have gained influence in our government.

The Occult was at the root of the Nazi inner circle and it is at the root of what is going on today in certain political circles.  Just as witches gathered to put a curse on Brett Kavanaugh prior to his Supreme court nomination,  Antifa members held a staged satanic ritual to protest a patriot prayer march earlier this month in downtown Portland, Oregon. We are told by former members of the Satanic movement that their recruits are instructed to rebel against everyone around them (John Ramirez). 1920’s Germany had many extreme groups promoting chaos and rebellion, both left and right. Acts of rebellion conjure up evil spirits who became evil through rebellion against God. Likewise, abortion conjures up spiritual beings that have been summoned by cultures throughout history that practiced human sacrifice and cannibalism.

2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 TPT — Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way. Before that day comes the rebellion must occur and the “outlaw”—the destructive son—will be revealed in his true light. He is the opposing counterpart who exalts himself over everything that is called “God” or is worshiped and who sits enthroned in God’s temple and makes himself out to be a god.

Mario Murillo has said that what is taking place right now is a dress rehearsal for the Antichrist, but that it won’t succeed. One aspect of that dress rehearsal is rebellion.

Lie’s are the language of demons. Participating in lies puts you in their sphere of influence. In 1933 Joseph Goebbels was assigned to the newly created position of Minister of Propaganda in Hitler’s Germany.  Goebbels brought all artists, writers, painters, musicians, and sculptors, into one organization as well as the total control of news media. Today we have a network that fills this role called the tech giants, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and more. Fashioning lies for public consumption has been at the heart of demonically led politics throughout history and we have seen it in the recent Russia-gate and impeachment attempts.

Another language of demons is hatred.  The Nazi SS, the Gestapo, and the Hitler Youth were all indoctrinated to hate the Jews and to be filled with pride about their pure Aryan race. Just as the German film industry was conscripted to stir up hatred throughout the general public, so too, our main stream media acts as the public affairs arm of the Democratic party, waging war against the sitting president.

Germany’s police forces where then centralized in 1936. Fast forward near to our times: Barack Obama attempted to federalize the police, using Baltimore as his case-in-point. Obama used the events in Baltimore to convince the American public that federalization of the police force was necessary to fix those problems1.

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If Hilary had become president this goal would have been accomplished by now. Using crisis events to promote an agenda is a standard tactic of radical politics. The federalization of the police has come up again in relation to the George Floyd incident and I believe the “de-fund the police” movement seeks to create an additional crisis that would eventually result in a federalized police force. This would be a very large prize to power hungry politicians.

The bottom line is that rebellion, lies, and hatred are the tactics of the devil, while submission to God, truth, & love are mandates  of Jesus to His church.

For far greater detail on this area of history see Steve Qualye’s book, Empire Beneath the Ice. Also see various video’s on the subject such as “Operation High Jump” – UFOs, Nazis and Admiral Richard E. Byrd available on Amazon prime video.