Mike Pence looks very different, post-January 6th 2021

If we live by a motto of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, and try to only think warm happy thoughts we are in jeopardy of losing our freedom and our liberty and soon our very country. Unfortunately, many churches do this. We have to be able to look around at things that are happening and read the clues God is allowing us to find. Just as God will sometimes speak in slightly obscure ways in dreams He gives you, you must be able to look at facts in life that are somewhat obscure and muster every ounce of discernment you have. The development of discernment is one of the greatest purposes of life, so you can be sure God will give us ample opportunity to develop this skill.


The last four years have seen more lago like characters emerge in Donald Trump’s inner circle than should be likely. These “lago’s” are challenging Shakespeare in the creation of real-life tragedies of betrayal – welcome Mike Pence to the stage – villain, traitor, and turncoat against our leader with a battle record we trust, our Othello. I have to assume Mr. Pence’s political career is over at this point and that he was offered something for his non-effort.

Right now the people who are speaking the truth into our country are very important. They are standing up to those who want to surround us with lies. You can expect the serpent mainstream media to twist the tragedy of Ashli Babbitt’s death for their own purposes along with their second lieutenants: Google, Facebook, and the twitter(s). I liked the recent quote in my Epoch Times weekend newspaper attributed to Aristotle: “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”

I think we live at a time when people don’t want to be bothered with information they are not accustomed to, or with knowledge about something that they’re unaware of. They’re just happy with what they’ve got and they don’t really want to hear what your concern is. Your observation in some way is offensive to them because they are satisfied with the information that they’ve already received. However, the word of God says that “my people perish for lack of knowledge.” God’s word exhorts us to continue to acquire knowledge of things, especially those things that pose a risk to the blessings and liberty God has given us.

Our rules of thumb we claim for our denominational churches have lost some of their relevance. Only God can revive our hearts and minds to true godly standards. I am at a loss for a solution to this crisis, except to urge my entire church to pray like never before and try as best I can to educate those around me. We are dependent on God moving to destroy the scam we are being asked to accept. I have a long list of truth-tellers, truth-investigators, and truth-workers I am praying for, with new names coming to my attention every day out of the independent media. Let me just give a shout out to two of those beloved truth-tellers that work so hard to keep us from being deceived in the latest deception that team Satan would bring against us:

Mike Adamshttps://www.censored.news/See his daily situation reports on NaturalNews.com (see Censored.news)
Seth Holehouse, videographerhttps://mia.news/#videosThe Plot to Steal America

The Bible says that knowledge puffs up and many times we all think we know it all. Sometimes the success of our past inhibits our openness to new knowledge. We can also easily adopt an offense from some personality in the media that hinders our willingness to hear what someone else has observed or what God is specifically telling us to do. But if we fall into this trap of not wanting to learn we are in a dangerous place. The Bible talks about loving knowledge and having a heart that seeks after life-long learning. Having a thirst to learn more, even to the point of admiring someone who would rightly rebuke us for our shortsighted misgivings makes us wiser.

Ecclesiastes 7:5 ESV
It is better for a man to hear the rebuke of the wise
than to hear the song of fools.

A song is designed to tickle the ears but many times it is designed by someone who we really shouldn’t trust.