Longing for God

God is always working in all our hearts. He works in people’s hearts and minds that don’t know him by faith and He will draw them into decision-making circumstances. When God chooses to do so we will all hear his voice in some way. Even the best traps and deceptions of the devil and the mainstream media eventually break down under God’s patient plans. God guides the human heart through a process of observing life and hearing the very still small voice of God calling us back toward his eternal qualities. This is a type of introduction the world stage makes before God, highlighting His offer to redeem us, it is a backdrop against which God brings about reconciliation from our lost condition.

We have been praying over the last several months that God would open people’s eyes in our country and around the world to be able to see through deception – God is answering that prayer. Watch the below video of people in London protesting against the lock-downs that they have finally realized are not about health policy anymore, but about an attempt to re-engineer society.

The ‘Stop the New Normal’ march was organized by the anti-lockdown activist group Stand Up X and was one of the largest rallies against the government’s coronavirus restrictions since the beginning of the lockdowns in March.

Also Spain and Italy:

Wave of anti-lockdown protests sweeps across Europe: Thousands of furious demonstrators clash with police in cities in Italy and Spain as they urge their governments to abandon new restrictions on their freedom.

Summarized View:

The data on COVID19 is clear: we do not need to lockdown society, wreck the economy, or frighten people into death as they are scared to leave home for fear of catching COVID19.

People are longing for their freedoms and liberty back. What they don’t realize is that they are longing for God.

Rick Joyner Wrap-up:

         “Biblical prophecy reveals that as the earth draws to the end of this age, all nations will be drawn together into two basic camps. The first camp are those nations that seek God and try to align with His purposes. The opposing camp is the alignment of the nations that are intent on man ruling over himself and the earth without any interference from God. At the end of the age every nation will be in one of these camps.” 

Quoted from <https://publications.morningstarministries.org/word-for-the-week/last-battle%E2%80%94heritage-brief-43>  – The entire brief is important.