Little did we know that Sex was Just a Type of Metaphor for a Faithful Relationship of Deepest Intimacy with God that He is Preparing for Us

COVID came with a strong lethal start in Wuhan but lessened its lethality after attacking New York. Thus 2020 became more about avoiding government-sponsored harassment attempting to chain us to loneliness through fabricated conclusions that lockdowns, masks, and social distancing were a new way of life and yet we have failed to marvel that everyone in the world was under nearly identical heavy-handed mandates. The top-down forces of global government gleefully adopted by leftist governors and mayors have been exposed – the existence of an evil cabal is now easy to visualize.

Imagine this:

Six decades ago Satan and his evil princes gathered their collection of human accomplices to plan how to set up the end times antichrist kingdom. They came up with many ideas and plans but their discussions kept bringing them back to one major obstacle: The United States of America and their constitutional hold on liberty and justice for all and guarantees for freedom of religion. They knew that they needed to destroy America so they began their assault by getting prayer and references to the Bible removed from public schools. Later most schools would also drop the pledge of allegiance which affirmed our hold on liberty and justice as our primary value under the God of heaven.

But even more diabolically the Devil wanted to use America to destroy the rest of the world. The plan to do this was fairly simple they had always used alcohol and pornography to inflame the senses of people and turn their hearts from God’s love to human passions. But drugs were introduced in the ’60s to enhance the acceptance of free sex to destroy the image of an intimate and faithful relationship with God, a metaphor that sexual union between one woman and one man was meant to convey. But Satan’s devices were not enough. The revival of the late ’60s and ’70s brought many out of these bondages back to God with a passion that could not be stolen by the dazzling light show of sin. What the kingdom of evil needed was a way to get inside of people’s bodies and leave more permanent hooks that the people could not shake off.

So a plan was hatched to begin spraying chemicals at high altitudes under the guise of a climate emergency that required solar blocking efforts. Over several decades the chemicals, including aluminum began to change people’s brains in subtle ways that brought in a rash of quirks and vulnerabilities. At the same time, the elite rulers of the medical establishment altered vaccines to cause a multitude of problems, all the while running an ongoing public affairs campaign that labeled their critics as conspiracy theorists.

Even Hollywood is aware of this evil cabal as evidenced by their many movies about them, yet for some reason, Christians, of all people, came to think of the schemes of the devil as simple boogie man stories that get told for the scar-effect.

One of the major milestones in the evil plan was to elevate homosexual and transgender beliefs and rights to the level of a type of sacred faith. If the evil cabal could transform America into a tribe of rebels that rejected the ways of God they felt that God would surely reject them and the curses that God’s word decreed on all the various types of sin would fall on these people. In fact, devils routinely demand the right to inflict these curses on people who have broken God’s law – marvel at the hypocrisy of that.

So we have found ourselves in a fierce battle for over a year now for people to see the reality of an Orwellian end-times plan using fabricated courses of action to drive us toward the coming Antichrist. During this time the forces of evil smacked down churches with fines for meeting, worship, and prayer. They arrested some and even killed a precious woman named Brandy, a former Merck employee turned anti-vaccine advocate, who threatened to undermine their profits and their goal of creating an operating system1 to hack humans and finally enslave them.

Many things have slipped away from us, but we certainly can’t lose any more precious people like Brandy. Our only hope now is in God’s mercy and His promise of a divine reset that will overpower our enemies. We need an outpouring of God’s love and power that will counter the forces of hate-filled money lust, communism, and one-world government control. We must awaken ourselves and connect to God in a true Spirit connection that allows Him to live, breathe, and move through us. Heaven has instructed us to align our minds and set our hearts on a new work of God on the earth called operation Redeem-All (see my last post) which will spread out across the world.

  1. mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer