Listen to Dane Wigington and Pray

Dane Wigington talks about many issues including the nuclear disasters at Chernobyl and Fukushima. Just as every follower of Jesus helps open people’s eyes to the existence of God, various specialized truth-tellers are called to wake people up to corrupt things in the physical and political world that are working against God’s design for life. There is an anointing on Dane to draw my spirit into engaging God in prayer – that is the effect that truth has on us.

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I pray that God would pierce every human heart with the sound of Dane Wigington’s voice. The reason it is hard to comprehend these things is that we don’t comprehend the agenda behind them. As Dane says, “all we see is that the script the various agencies put out is constantly changing.” If we could comprehend that there is a global-minded agenda behind the changing script we would easily follow their logic. The people in charge are not stupid – far from it, they know what they are doing. As Dane says: “We are swimming in a sea of total deception where the populations are pacified with stimulus money or whatever until we hit the wall at full velocity.” That “wall” is the preprogrammed economic collapse followed by instituting a totalitarian one-world government. Their slogan of build back better, with all its controls, will be embraced because people will need food.

Mr. Childs’s explanation is the only cause that is sufficient to compel world leaders to do something so self-destructive. The 19th century gave birth to the evil forerunners of the plot we now face, people such as Madame Blavatsky were also inspirational to the Nazi movement and its worldwide destruction. Just as the Nazi movement was based on satanism, so Mr. Childs clearly lays out evidence to prove this same inspiration in our upper levels of leadership today. Once again Satan is attempting to hijack the world.

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