Legal Actions on the Voting System Crisis

The mainstream media has become the greatest threat to our nation. They have gained the ability to blackout important news and promote fake news to the majority of Americans.

The Entire Trump Legal Team Press Conference – (listen to it while you do some chores, etc.)

This is the best summary of key points from yesterday’s Trump Legal Team Press Conference. The Jeffrey Prather podcast at the bottom of that page is brilliant.
The Great Reset vs. the Great Awakening – the grand battle taking place right now for the future of America and the free world

The National Pulse
Despite some of Kassam’s slightly crude figures of speech, his reporting puts in perspective the media battle going on, using actual clips. The corruption that has overtaken our nation is seen in what the mainstream media is declaring and blacking out about this investigation.

Newt Gingrich has insights into our current situation that are tied to the history of our nation, his video interview is very important.
See the important video “Just the News” of Newt Gingrich