Keep the Big Picture in Mind to Understand Deception

The amount of evil in the world is so great that it really has never crossed my mind to speak badly about another Christian denomination or group that is doing the best they can to spread the knowledge of God. I know that we each have many convictions and traditions that have been handed down to us. But we are at a crisis point and if Christians willingly remain deceived, we will go into captivity just as our forefathers in Israel did for living with a lack of knowledge  – Isaiah 5:13.

The trans-human movement is all about desiring to modify man with technology and computer chips to elevate the knowledge of man above the knowledge of God. This is an extremely foolish direction to take this COVID crisis, as God has told us man is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Also, consider the warnings given in Isaiah chapter 2 from The Passion Translation TPT:

11 The arrogant will be humbled
and the pride of man brought low.
Only one will be exalted in that day: Yahweh!
12 The Lord of Angel Armies
has a day of humiliation in store for all the high and mighty,
for all who are proud and self-exalting.
They will be brought low.
13 His judgment is coming against all the
lofty cedars of Lebanon and all the oaks of Bashan,
14 against all the high mountains and all the lofty hills,
15 against every high tower and every fortress wall,

As God frequently does, He hides the exact details of these warnings through metaphor. Here are two bullet points about the metaphors in verses 14 and 15 quoted from The Passion Translation footnotes:

  • “Governments and kingdoms of this earth are like hills and mountains. Even the highest of men’s governmental authorities will bow to the one called the Lord Almighty.”
  • “High towers could also represent godless academia that towers intellectually above others. This could refer to the strongholds in the mind of man, thoughts of self-importance that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God (2 Cor. 10:3-6). Towers and walls served as a refuge during an attack. Rebels against God built a tower in Babylon (Gen. 11:1-9), seeking to be independent of God.”

We as believers must also remember, God’s good promises for us are not fatalistic – meaning we can’t assume His promises will come to pass no mater what we do, or refuse to do.

Dave Hodges published a recent article on the use of “catch phrases” that get repeated over and over by the mainstream media. Phrases such as:

  • “We are in this all together”
  • “Do your part and wear your face mask!”
  • “Be sure to social distance!”

Those who are promoting the plan to create a “new world” order by destroying America’s sovereignty and liberty are typified by George Soros. Prophetically we have been told, by James Goll, that there is an agenda to produce a global economic collapse. This collapse will then necessitate a global government as the solution. (See the video midway down this linked page for some insight into George Soros).

Pastors and leaders must not be ignorant of these things. Going into this COVID crisis we all had to face the possibility that this was a true pandemic. That has not turned out to be the case. The death rates now are so small and virtually always linked to other serious health co-factors. The only statistic remaining to promote fear with is “new” cases, most of which are simply based on a test that has been shown to be quite faulty. Now is the time to avert the real crisis – an economic collapse. We must speak with everyone we know about this and ask God what He would have us do.

435 doctors and 1439 Belgian health professionals signed a letter to express their concern for the compulsory COVID measures and ask for open uncensored debate to take place. This is a MUST READ letter, it is the most comprehensive and honest treatment of this COVID crisis. This is the purpose of this website. It is exciting to see doctors across Europe, pushing back on the “Corona False Alarm,” which is the  name of a new book out of Germany, discussed in my last post.

Rick Joyner recently stated:

         “It is grievous to consider fellow citizens enemies, but this is the present reality. The sooner we face this the less deadly and destructive this emerging conflict will be. Every oath of office taken in our land is to defend The Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Our domestic enemies are far deadlier than those from without, and they are advancing in force.

         Hopefully, as the evil nature of the enemy continues to become more obvious, many of our fellow Americans will wake up and change sides in order to defend the Republic. Those who have such an awakening should be welcomed, but until they do, they must be considered and treated like enemies of our Republic. The longer we wait to be clear about this, the higher the cost will be to our country.

         Those who side with seditionists are seditionists. Those who side with those committing treason are themselves committing treason. Those who side with murderers and destroyers are guilty of the same.”

Quoted from, also important reading.